Sunday, November 1, 2009

Captivating Caprines!

You remember Mammoth and June, right? Well, Friday after work I went and picked them up from the breeder's house to bring them home. Yay! Today we added another doe! She's going to be staying with us for a few weeks so she can get bred.

Her name is Savannah, and she's from the county where I grew up (a couple hours away). Turns out, her owner is in the same 4-H club I was in when I was younger! Small world....

I started making applesauce today (more on that later), so I had a ton of peels and cores. I decided to see if the goats wanted any.

Did they ever! They were crazy about them!

I love this picture of the girls. Don't they look alike? Savannah has a very dark head, and June has a brown patch right on top of her head. Plus, Savannah's face is slightly more delicate than June's.

June reaaallly liked the apples. You might notice she has some green on her shoulder. That's because I painted Mammoth's chest with the green marking crayon so I can tell when he breeds Savannah. Well, in the frenzy to get apples, Mammoth managed to mark June's shoulder a few times.

Here's Savannah trying out the hay.

Mammoth and June.

I have 2 metal hay feeders that were originally made for horses, so the bars are spaced pretty wide on them. The hay kept slipping right through onto the ground, so I asked David's Dad if he could weld some cross bars on them. He did it today!

Now they hay stays in there really well and the goats can still eat.

I only hung one feeder at first, but then noticed Mammoth was being little butthead about sharing, so I hung the other one.

Who's this? Oh, it's Savannah.

And this must be June!


Becky said...

Yay for goats!! I love that breed! They all look so cute together. Great job on the hay feeder, David.

Jen's Farmily said...

They are just adorable! That's really creative to use the green marking to see when she's been bred!

Deb said...

I can't wait to come hug the goats!! The hayfeeder looks great! How nice to have such a talented hubby who does things around the house! You are lucky! I will bring some carrots for the goats when I come up and some cheerios for the chickens! I can't wait! I will be a kid again!! Hugs, Momma
Ps- today's word : exactry - someone with loose dentures trying to agree with you.

bryce hurry said...

ha its bryce hurry savannah looks likes shes getting along with the others i miss her alot but 150 day couldnt come any faster

Olivia said...

June looks happy! And the pictures are awesome!

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