Sunday, November 15, 2009

Planting Garlic

I planted garlic a few weeks ago but forgot to blog about it! I think I planted it the last week of October. I was hoping to get it in the ground earlier, but it just didn't happen. I used store bought garlic, so hopefully it'll grow! I've read that store bought garlic is sometimes treated to prevent sprouting. I've also read that other people successfully grow the store bought stuff. We'll wait and see!

I dug a nice trench for the garlic next to my swiss chard.

I used the biggest cloves from a few bulbs of garlic.

Plant them about 2" deep and about 6" apart. Make sure to get the root side down. :-)

Then I covered with soil...

And used my built in soil tamper, my foot! I've read that the row should be covered with straw or another kind of mulch to protect the bulbs from the cold weather. I haven't gotten around to that yet, but I will try to remember to do that soon. I'm thinking a nice layer of leaves will have to do.

I'm crossing my fingers that early next July I'll have home grown garlic!


Jen's Farmily said...

I planted garlic in our garden this year (bought from a hardware store) but then I lost control of the weeds and never harvested any. I hope yours turns out better!!

Becky said...

Next year I'm going to make sure to plant some garlic too. I'll cross my fingers that yours works! :)
Where is your new post about the ewe??

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