Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Catch Up Post

Saturday night David's parents and brother came over and brought fixin's to make pizza for dinner. The kids had fun helping out with the toppings.

Please excuse the messy kitchen. On second thought, it's a well-lived in kitchen, so it's supposed to be a little messy. ;-)

Yesterday when I got home from work, I installed the cat door. It was easier than I thought. Cut a hole in the door, and insert the cat door. Four simple screws later and it was in! Hopefully the cats will learn to use it. I've put Chilli through the door a few times since yesterday. I know Jack can use one, because we had one in our old house. I don't know if Tucker has ever seen one. Maybe we'll hold a Cat Doors 101 class.

Oh, and today is day 20 for the two test eggs in the incubator! Those were the ones that had been refrigerated. I'm crossing my fingers that they're going to hatch. I hope there's some activity tomorrow!! I'll keep you posted.


Becky said...

I love the picture of your kitchen. I looks a lot like mine usually does. I don't know if anyone can really enjoy and use a kitchen if it's perfectly spotless :)
Great job on the cat door! What did you use to cut the hole? I think when we taught Diana and Marmalade to use the cat door, we taped it open for a few days so they could go through it without pushing on the flap.
I'm crossing my fingers for those eggs :)

katiegirl said...

I drilled out the four corners with a big drill bit, then I used a jigsaw to cut the straight sides!

I remember taping open the flap on our old one, but this one has a hard plastic door. Maybe I could prop it open somehow.

Dad said...

Nice job on the cat door. Make sure the kids know not to try and put their head through the opening. It might get stuck! I want pizza!

Deb said...

I am so proud of my resourceful girl! You just tackle anything you want done!! 6 days until Momma comes to visit!!! YAHOO!!! Love you, Momma

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