Saturday, November 7, 2009


We finally got a hard frost this morning! I don't mean to say it like I've been waiting for it. It just seems to be later than normal this year!

The goats were at tad chilled this morning. See the green butt on Savannah on the left? Definitely bred.

The Swiss Chard is looking slightly pitiful this morning. It's a little slumped over.

I think the zinnias are finally finished now. I love the ice crystals on the petals.

Check out the turnip greens!

And look what I found. See the plants closest to the camera? They're been eaten!!! Not sure what it was. Probably a bunny. That bunny better move on out of my garden before it's too late!

I'm full of threats, but I don't know if I could actually hurt a bunny. Depends. I probably could if it eats all of my kale!!


Becky said...

Beautiful frost pictures! The picture of the turnip green is great!
Oh man, I'd start the pot for rabbit stew if I were you :) I had to fence in my garden because of the rabbit population around here.

Deb said...

What gorgeous frost pics hon! I'll never forget when a deer ate my 40 ft. row of kale overnight! Made my trigger finger itchy, it did!! :-(... he he Love, Momma

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