Thursday, November 5, 2009

Devin Time

Kylee stayed with her mom last night, so it was just me and Devin for a little while yesterday afternoon.

We took the training wheels off his bike. Yep, he's growing up fast. You know what? It's hard to take a picture of a boy zooming by on his bike!

Love this picture!

Shoot, I missed him!

And he's great at helping out with the animals!

He's great at feeding the chickens.

I didn't let him feed the goats though, because they like to mob the food person.

It was time to put the plastic on the chicken coop windows. I wanted to do something more substantial, like plexiglass. I just ran out of time and money this year, and the plastic was free! I asked Devin to take some pictures of me.

Oops, where ya goin', Dev?

Devin even got in on the action. Yep, it's nice having a very capable 6 year old around.

Voila! Now I need to put the wood trim around the windows and they'll be done! I've been saying I need to put the wood trim around them since it was built....

My motto: Why do today what you can put of until tomorrow? Haha!! I kid! Well, mostly kid.


Becky said...

Look at Devin go!!! Great job riding without training wheels!
He's getting so grown up. It must be nice having his help around the barnyard :)
I'm sure the chickies will be warmer with windows now :) Only 3 more weeks until I can feed them and try to bump Mom out of the way before she can check for eggs! LOL

Deb said...

You better bump hard my will actually see yo' momma RUN to be the first to collect the eggs...have that new camera ready!!! Devin is such a great kid. I am so proud he's my grandson! Great job giving him that special time and a blogspot! Love you, Momma (thinking of ways to twart Becky's feeble attempt to collect eggs first......)

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