Friday, November 20, 2009

Two weeks to showtime!

I realized this morning that I have 2 more weeks until the big craft show. Holy cow! That means I really need to kick it in high gear if I'm going to have enough stuff to make it worth while. I've been knitting every night, and this weekend I really need to get to work sewing my felted sweaters into purses. Even though those purses take a while to make, I can sell them for a good price, so it's worth it.

Remember those felted nest bobby pins I made? Well, I made miniature versions of the nests and put them on rings! I love them, and I really think they'll sell. David's not sure, but I hope I can prove him wrong!

They're pretty cute and not too big or bulky on your finger.

Now for an egg update. There is no update. The eggs were due to hatch yesterday, but there's no change. There's still a small chance they could hatch late, but I went ahead and opened the incubator this morning and turned the rest of the eggs that are due on Thanksgiving. I figured there was no reason to neglect them just because I'm waiting on two long shot eggs. I am still holding out hope though. Besides, they don't stink. After 3 weeks wouldn't rotten eggs start to stink? Hmm. Time will tell!


Becky said...

Those rings are so cute! Do you have a picture of one on your finger?
I hope your stuff sells really well at the craft fair.
My fingers are still crossed for the chickies :)

Deb said...

Don't give up on the eggs yet.... it might take them a couple of days longer since they were chilled. But if they don't hatch, carefully - very carefully remove them from the house! he he he I love your little nest rings! How very cute! You are very talented! Can Becky and I help you with any of them when we get there? Love you, Momma

katiegirl said...

Becky, I don't have a picture of them on my finger, but I can take one.

Momma, I tried candling the eggs again last night, and didn't really see much. I'll give them until tomorrow. They don't smell bad though. And I can definitely find something for you and Becky to do when you're here! :-) My own labor force! Hehe.

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