Monday, November 2, 2009

Applesauce: Part 1

I started the applesauce yesterday. I got to use a new gadget. David bought me this apple peeler from Harbor Freight (known for cheap inexpensive tools), and it actually works pretty well! I think it was only $8, so if it craps out after a year I won't mind too much. It works better on normal sized apples. We got some jumbo Romes, and I have to touch them up by hand after I use the peeler on them. I got a video of the kids using it, but I'm too lazy to upload it tonight. I'll do it tomorrow, I promise!

See what I mean about these jumbo apples?! They're the size of grapefruit.

So I peeled, cored, and chopped lots of apples.

Enough to just about fill this large pot. It's a Paula Dean pot, did you know that? We got it on sale at "the Wal-Marts." It's a nice pot. Once I filled the pot with apples, I added some water. how much? Some. I don't measure anything! Just wing it. You just don't want the apples to stick or burn. Set the burner to low. Low low. Just let it simmer

Stir it every now and then so you can work the top chunks down to the bottom. You can see here it's starting to turn to mush sauce.

Ok, that's enough for now. I've really got to get working on those felted dogs I'm making for my friend's sister's wedding! One is 95% done and I haven't started the other!! Enough apple talk for now!


Becky said...

"the wal-marts" LOL I like the pot! That is one gigantic apple!! I love your strike-outs. LOL Sauce is looking yummy! That reminds me... I still have a bushel in the fridge waiting to be processed... oops.

Kelly or Alex said...

I am in love with your big blue pot. I bet the house smelled so great with the apples cooking. I have an apple peeler that my mom gave me years ago. It makes that job go really fast.

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