Sunday, November 22, 2009

Saying goodbye!

Savannah left to go back home today. Guess who tagged along? Mammoth! I decided to sell Mammoth because I just don't have the room to separate him, and he'd need a buddy as well. He went home to live with Savannah and a few Nubians. Bryce, their owner, was celebrating his birthday today! Happy birthday! The big 1-4! While Bryce was here, he was nice enough to collect eggs for me. He saw my two buff orpington roosters, and I told him if he could catch them he could have them! My hens are a little overwhelmed with so many roos.

Guess what? Bryce caught them! He's quick like that. I found a box for the roosters so Bryce wouldn't have to hold them on his lap the whole ride home.

Bryce even said I could breed June to Mammoth next year if I want. Cool!

Keep me updated on the goats, Bryce!

1 comment:

Deb said...

What a cutie pie young guy! He actually caught those Roos? Pretty quick! Good work with the decision about Mammoth. I can't wait - only 48 hours left!! Love you, Momma
*New nonsense word: "Spect" I spect I'll be packing up soon. :-))

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