Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Meet Miss June Carter

Today I went to meet June Carter, the goat I'll be buying soon. I've been talking with her owner, who's the daughter of a man I used to work with (kind of). They are such a nice family, and their daughter is so very polite and well-spoken. Actually, all of their kids are beautiful and so polite.

I knew they had a few Oberhasli goats, so one day when I happened to see their dad, I asked if they knew of any Oberhaslis for sale. He said he'd ask his daugher because they had a doe they weren't breeding. She agreed to sell her to me!

I finally went to see her today, and she's so cute! I was interested in Oberhasli goats because they are known for being very laid back as far as goats go. Alpines are a little high strung, and I was told by a breeder that Nubians can act fairly stupid at times (like acting like they've never been milked before even if they've been milked every day for months). Plus, Oberhasli goats have very mild tasting milk and it's supposed to taste the most like cow milk. Oh yeah, and they're very pretty goats!

I plan on finding a buck to breed June to, and this spring I'll milk her. We'll drink the milk and I'd also like to make soap and cheese.

Hopefully I can bring June home soon....I'm hoping this Friday. We'll see!


debajohnson said...

June is GORGEOUS!! She has the body of a Nubian but the head of an Alpine. I am glad they are supposed to be calmer and smarter! Wasn't it fun when we raised bottle baby goats? I miss that. Keep us posted on your new baby!! Love, Momma

Becky said...

I love her name! :) She's adorable! I can't wait to meet her!

katiegirl said...

Mom- she's even prettier in person. I just love that black and tan pattern. It was fun to raise the babies, but I'm not sure if I'll bottle raise hers or let her do it.

Beck- I know, I love her name too! Her brother was Johnny Cash. :-)

Linda said...

She's so cute. Great name.

Susan said...

What a beautiful goat! I have been mulling over the idea of a milking goat but have never seen this breed.

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