Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Hope you all had a great Halloween! We did! We were very busy, but we got everything fit in that we wanted to do!

We finally got a chance to go to Fifer's Orchard. We were supposed to go two weekends ago, but it was raining pretty hard. We went yesterday, and of course it was raining/spitting again, but not to terribly bad. I really wanted to get apples, so I wasn't about to let a little rain stop me!

We usually get the seconds apples, because they're cheaper. The seconds are the ones that aren't as pretty as the number 1's. They're still perfectly good, and you can sort through the huge pallet of them and pick out just the ones you want. They're only $6/half bushel, so we got a full bushel. They had Braeburns (one of my favorite), Granny Smith, Rome, and Golden Delicious. We got all of the different types, but only about 1/4 bushel of Granny Smith and only a few Golden Delicious. I've never liked the Golden Delicious, but I wanted to try them again just in case they're better now. Hey, it could happen.

The kids were pretty diligent about making sure the apples were free of bruising and spots.

The front porch of Fifers has TONS of different types of apples and other vegetables. We usually don't buy much here though, because we're usually on a budget. I love looking at all the different things they have!

They have tons of different gourds and pumpkins too. And see those mini bales of straw? Five dollars! A regular bale of straw doesn't even cost that much! I guess people will pay it though.

More pumpkins and squash.

I love these pumkins. So pretty!

So we came home, and after we cleaned the house (whew), we carved our pumpkins!

The kids had a great time, and they did a good job cleaning out the "guts". David even brought out his drill for some carving action. It made a mess, but it got the job done!

After carving and a quick dinner, it was time for.........TRICK-OR-TREATING!!!!

Introducing......the soldier and the ballerina!!

The tutu turned out really cute!! And she wanted pink hair, so we got the little spray can of hair spray. I think it was really cute!!

Here they are in costume with the jack-o-lanterns. The jack-o-lanterns from left to right are: Devin's, mine, David's, and Kylee's.

And here they are with no flash...sorry it's blurry.

They're ready to go! The kids' mom came with us, and we all had a good time walking around our old neighborhood. You know, we really noticed this year that there were WAY fewer houses giving out candy, and way fewer trick-or-treaters walking around. What gives?

And thanks to Devin for taking this picture! Hope you all had a great Halloween!!

Hopefully I'll have another post later today about the goats!


Deb said...

What a great job you did with Kylee's costume! She sure is one lucky girl to have you in her life! I love all the pictures of y'all choosing your pumpkins and apples and the carving. How quickly I forget all the work one little holiday can bring - but also the great memories. I can't wait to come up and see your wonderful farm Katie girl! You sure have created a wonderful warm and loving home! Love you, Momma

Becky said...

Wow, those "second" apples look great! Who needs firsts? That farm looks awesome. Such variety! Pumpkin carving looks fun :) Using a drill was a good idea!
Kylee looks so cute! Love the pink hair. Gread job, Kate! Devin looks great too :)
We were disappointed by the lack of houses handing out candy also. It's certainly not like when we were kids.

Kelly or Alex said...

The costumes look great. I really love the pink hair. I miss having little ones to decorate. LOL

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