Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Has Sprung!

We had awesome weather this weekend!! Both days were sunny and 70+ degrees!!

Saturday morning I fenced in a section of the backyard to let the girls graze some. They loved it. There is plenty of grass, so they'll be grazing this area any time I'm home.

I wanted to show you David's new project truck. I named her Bettie Jean. David doesn't know it yet (but he might suspect it) that I'm going to steal the keys when it's running reliably. It's mine, all mine!! Hahahaha! He got a GREAT deal on this truck, and it only needs a few tweaks to be road worthy! She might not be the most beautiful truck out there, but I think she's cute!

Saturday morning I got some gardening in. Kylee kept me company and assisted if I needed help. She kept busy with a sheet of luaun board and some sidewalk chalk. Oh, and she wanted me to take a picture of her drinking out of her water jug.

I think her pants had just as much chalk on them as the board.

My garlic (planted in the fall) is up and growing! The plants are 6-8" tall and looking good! I'm so curious to see what's under ground (well, I know it's garlic, but how big is it?!)

Kylee and I planted some onions. We planted almost a pound each of red and white sets. I worked up a bit of soil in a row with one of those hoe-rake looking tools. What's the proper name for that?! Once the soil was loose, I dug a trench the width of the hoe.

Then my helper and I set in the onions. We put them a few inches apart. Kinda close, but we can thin them when they're big enough to go in salads or other recipes.

We did a short row (the other half of the garlic row) and a long row. Pay no attention to the crooked row. Besides, I always heard you can grow more in a crooked row. ;)

Today was pretty lazy. I made some garlic/onion/cheddar biscuits for breakfast. Red Lobster has some pretty good biscuits like this (pretty much the only thing I like at that restaurant) so I wanted to try to make them at home. They're just a basic drop biscuit recipe with cheese and garlic and onion powders added. Please let me know if you want the recipe. I'm allergic to posting recipes, but if someone wants it I'll gladly suck it up and post it. :)

Something fun happened today though. I'm a member of the forums over at Last year some time (summer? fall?), I met a gal that doesn't live too far from me. We chatted back and forth about our birds since then. Last week she happened to mention she was looking for some hatching eggs, and well, it just so happens that I have plenty of hatching eggs, so I told her she was welcome to them! I tried to mke her take some of my roosters, but she wasn't having it. Darn! She DID agree to hatch some eggs for me too though! Well, she came over today, along with her hubby and two cutey pie kids. I had been collecting eggs and saving them for her, and I managed to get about 18 or so eggs for her. Combined with her eggs at home, she's got 3 dozen to incubate!! I'm crossing my fingers for a good hatch! It's exciting to meet someone local (rurally local still means a half hour away) who likes to chat about chickens and goats and horses (she has horses!) and fun stuff like that. She's promised to keep me updated on the progress of the hatch, and I can't wait to see what comes out of those mutt eggs! They should be all or mostly Easter Eggers (chickens who lay colored eggs). And, they're going to come back over sometime when their kids can feed the goat kids! Fun!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed some of this nice weather. Well, I heard some parts of the country had snow today. Mother Nature is a jokester!


Becky said...

What a great farm truck that will be! I love that style of truck :) Looks like you had gorgeous weather! Kylee is so cute :) What a great helper. Good for you getting the onions planted! I think I've heard that too about a crooked row ;)
Those biscuits look delicious!! Now you're allergic to posting recipes!? LOL!!

katiegirl said...

Yes Becky, allergies can strike at any time. :-P

Jennifer said...

What a great weekend! Sounds perfect to me... we tried to grow garlic last year, didnt work for us, maybe we will try again this year, your lil helper is cute =) Thats great meeting someone for BYC, cool and I'm excited for you on the hatching, cant wait to see what kind of cute chickies you get! I go on lockdown tomorrow for this 2nd batch and then I think I'll have to hide my bator! I wish someone wanted me to hatch em some eggs, I just love doing it. Oh and I like Bettie Jean too =) I keep telling my husband I want a old truck! The garlic biscuits look yummy!

LeAnn said...

I make the same biscuits. The recipe is pretty easy to find on the internet, so no worries on the allergy thing.

Dad said...

What a wonderful weekend Katie. It was beautiful wasn't it? And it's great you made a new friend too, especially one that has so many of your interests. :-) love you.

Deb said...

Hey, Becky...remember Katie has always had a couple of serious allergies. Remember as a child she reacted very badly to cleaning her room!! he he Great job on the yard pasture and I hope your friend sends you pictures of the eggs when they hatch! How fun to find a kindred soul friend! I love BettyJean!! You've always wanted a truck! The pictures of Kylee are so cute! I miss her! Love the first plantings of the gardening season! Love you, Momma

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