Monday, March 1, 2010

Starting Seeds

It's that time again!! Finally the end is in sight. The end of winter, that is. I know I shouldn't wish away winter, because come August when it's 99* outside and I'm dripping with sweat, I'll be wishing it was cold out. I can't help it though. It's now March, and that means that spring is right around the corner!!

That means it's time to plant seeds! I had huge plans for making my own peat pellets. You know, because I'm thrifty and I saw a neat how-to online for making pellets using potting mix and gelatin, with a tomato paste can as a mold. Then I went to Wal-Mart to buy soil and flats, and I found these kits. These were actually the only flats they had, and they already came with peat pellets! So, I figured if I didn't save any money, I at least saved time and that was worth it in my book!

Have you used these peat pellets? They're nifty little things! They start out as flat discs, like the ones in the flat to the right.

Then you add water (I add warm because I feel like it speeds up the process), and the pellets swell into fat little soil filled pouches. You can plant your seeds directly in these, then transplant these directly in the ground at a later date! They're great because they prevent transplant shock, and they keep plants from getting root bound because the roots hit air and stop growing (instead of winding around and around inside plastic pots).

I only planted two flats tonight. Here's my list:

12 broccoli
12 cauliflower
6 sweet bell peppers
6 basil
6 dill
12 coneflower
18 celery
24 lavender
24 sweet peas
12 Hollyhock
and a partridge in a pear tree!

I'm starting a good number of flowers from seed this year, since most of my veggies will go directly in the garden. I tend to have a hard time figuring out where to plant flower seeds, so having actual plants (knock on wood) will help me figure out where to put them.

The lids went on the flats and they went down in the basement next to the pellet stove until they sprout, then they'll be moved up to the mudroom in front of the sliding glass door. Of course Chilli had to inspect the new things in "her" basement.

I can't wait to have seedlings!


Becky said...

Chili looks like she'd like to help you with the seedlings :) I love those little peat pots :) Great job!

Jennifer said...

We use those peat pellets, we like them. We'll be starting our seed pretty soon too :)

Deb said...

I can't wait to see your seeds progress to plantlets! :-) I just bought my starter pots today! I also bought some seeds for the Petunias that spread out so wide - forgot their name but wow from seed! Love you, Momma

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