Thursday, March 18, 2010

Good Day Sunshine!

The weather has been just perfect the past few days!! We've had sunny 65+ degree days here. I love it! Yesterday the animals and I spent some time out in the yard enjoying the nice weather. The grass is finally starting to green up! It's nice to finally see some color after such a drab winter!

Here's goat Kid B. She was the second born.

Here's Kid A.

They're getting big! I do have names for them, but I'm waiting to figure out which one I like best so I can give her my favorite name. LOL!!

I let the sheep out in the yard to graze for a bit. Darla is getting pretty rotund. It's hard to separate her to keep her from getting Purl's food. Hopefully she'll slim down a bit this summer after I wean the lambs (because then Purl won't be getting much-if any- grain).

Purl is pretty good about sticking right by her lambs.

They sure are getting big! It'll be time to wean in just a few short weeks.

The sheep were only in the yard for about 10 minutes when they became unruly and wanted to wander. Rascals.

June also spent some time grazing, when she wasn't trying to lick me to death. See, since I took the kids away right after birth, June never got a chance to bond with them. Instead, I let her lick my hands (which had afterbirth on them), and I milked her right away, so she bonded with me. Now she thinks I'm her baby. She calls to me if I'm not near her. She licks hair, my eyebrows, my forehead. She tries to lick me all the time!
I kept her apart from the kids for a few days, and when they saw each other for the first time there was no recognition on either side. I think the kids are curious about her though. She doesn't pay them any mind. I think this is for the best, since she doesn't know she should be missing them.
Are you all having nice weather? I hope so!


Jennifer said...

All of them are so cute! Glad ya got some nice weather so they could enjoy it =)

Becky said...

The lambs are getting SO big!! Wow! The goat kids are so darn cute! That's so sweet that June thinks that you're her baby. :) I'm glad that she's not sad about her babies. You did a great job making it easier on her.
Don't you love this weather! I hope spring stays for a long time and the heat and humidity takes it's time!

katie said...

we are having great weather here too!
your animals are so sweet! enjoy the sunshine.

Deb said...

Thanks for such a great update Katie boo. I love seeing how healthy and happy your animals are! Farming is a lot of work but you seem to be thoroughly enjoying it and are very good at it! I am so glad you've found your passion in life! I can't wait to come visit and play with all the babies! Love you, Momma

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