Monday, March 8, 2010

Comings and Goings

Dad and Lisa came to visit yesterday. Look what they brought!

My dad made this goat milking stand and stool so I wouldn't have to stoop on the ground to milk June.

It makes a huge difference! Here I am pretending to milk for a picture. I put a collar on June so I could walk her from the pasture to the garagebarn, but today she jerked out of my hand and followed right along behind me. I think she was trying to tell me she's a big girl and can walk by herself!

The goatie kids went outside today. Elmer needed his crate back, so they had to go to the garagebarn. They're doing great! Both eating well and getting the hang of the bottle!

The lambs are growing fast!! They really seem to like it outside. Here's rammy boy with a milk mustache!

I can't reach the hay!!

They're really starting to nibble on the hay.

I'm getting the hang of fitting bottling and milking in my chore time. Waking up on time in the morning is a constant struggle for me, but I manged ok this morning. The afternoons are no problem because I get to take my time and enjoy the chores.

Oh, I did lose a chicken today. My white laying hen. I found her on the nest box barely alive. Apparently she'd prolapsed her cloaca trying to lay an egg. :(

Well, time to go bottle the babies before bed. Goodnight!


Becky said...

Beautiful banner pic, btw!!

Great milking stand! I'm sure that'll make milking a lot easier. The babies are so cute! It's nice that it's warm enough now for them to be in the garagebarn. Did the sheep like going back out into the pasture? The lambs are so cute trying to get the hay.
Sorry about the hen. Poor little chicken :(

katiegirl said...

I think the sheep are glad to be back outside. The lambs like running all around. :)

Deb said...

Katie - I love your hope of spring new banner! The sheep are so cute trying out the 'real world'! The goats look so healthy and strong! I can't wait to feed them! I love the story of June wanting to walk all by herself!! She takes after YOU my dear girl! I am so sorry about your hen. Can you explain more about prolapse please? Becky and I will have to watch for it in our chickens. I know you hate to lose any of your 'babies'. Kisses to June. I hope she's ok without her babies. Love always, Momma

Jennifer said...

Oh I love your post and all the cute pictures! I love your blog pic. too. That was so nice of your dad to make the stand and stool for you =)
I ♥ Your Farm Life!

ps. Sorry to hear about your chicken, poor thing.

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