Thursday, March 25, 2010

"A" for Effort

Remember a while back I posted about Wanda who went broody and was desperately trying to set some eggs?

Well, poor girl just kept getting confused. You see, the nest box has 4 holes. She'd stay in one for a few days, and then I'd find her in a different hole. I'm not sure if she got confused after she got down to eat and drink or what.

I moved her to a crate last night so I could try to keep her in one spot long enough to hatch some chicks. I moved her and her eggs when it was dark, and I closed the door to the crate. This morning I opened the door, and when I got home from work today I found her back up in the next boxes.

This afternoon I put her back in the crate.

She arranged all the eggs under her...

And seemed happy.

I left the door shut this time, but I put food and water in there for her. I'd love it if she'd hatch eggs because I wouldn't have to take special care of the chicks. No brooder, no heat lamps! She'd do all the work.

I'm all for that!


Becky said...

Wanda needs to leave herself a trail of bread crumbs so she can find her way back to her nest! LOL Hopefully the crate will do the trick. It would be so great for you to have her do all the work of hatching chicks!

Deb said...

Love Becky's comment! Chickens aren't the brightest bulbs but we do love them! She is a pretty little hen and I hope she'll get some babies yet. You are sweet to try to help her. I will bring you some of my daffodils if you have a place ready for them. I have even more than you saw in the picture. Hundreds and hundreds of them - and I didn't have to plant a single one of them!! he he Just a few days and counting now! Love you, Momma

Jennifer said...

She so pretty, I hope she hatches out some eggs for ya. I have to move my broodies too, I pen off alille area inside my coop for them with nest, eggs, food, water and alittle area for them to walk and go to the bathroom in... GOOD LUCK!

tberry29 said...

Good luck Katie. My recent broody hatch wasnt successful..Its my second time to try it. The first time I got one outta 6. She is a silky..and she just started laying herself.
Hoping for a successful hatch for ya!
Oh, been meanin' to tell ya its not too late to join the Shoot Me Challenge.

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