Wednesday, March 10, 2010


My seedlings have sprouted pretty well! I definitely need more light on them because they're getting leggy. I'll have to make time this weekend to get them taken care of.

Here is tray 1.

And tray 2.

These plants in the front are the hollyhocks. I'm really excited about them!


And the celery is sprouting!!! I'm nervous about celery because I've never grown it!

These taaaaalllll things are broccoli and cauliflower. I hope some stronger light can keep them from getting too leggy to be worth anything.

My lavender is sprouting as well! I can't wait to see how this does. I'm thinking of doing some pretty borders with it!

The little Icelandic Poppies. The seeds are about this big ---> . so they were pretty hard to plant. As you can see, some peat pellets have none, and some have many!

My sweet peas are doing well. They'll be going outside shortly I think.

Tray 3 hasn't sprouted yet because I planted it a week later. I'm really excited about all of the plants, because I feel like spring is just around the corner!

Here's how I have the trays set up. Not fancy, but it works. I had to put that big potted plant (what is that, a philodendron??) up there because Chilli was shredding it. Darn cats.

Hopefully I'll be able to get these plants in the ground soon! I feel the need to work some soil!


Deb said...

My broccoli came up today! Isn't it fun to grow things from seed? I planted lavendar and hollyhock like you did. I need to find some Jersey Knight asparagus roots or seeds. Good job with your plants hon. Love you, Momma

Becky said...

Great job! That tall broccoli is so cute. (thinks to herself that thinking broccoli is cute could be a sign of insanity)
I can't wait to see your garden this year. It's going to be awesome! :)

katiegirl said...

Yay Mom! Did you start it inside or plant it outside? I'd love to plant asparagus too. Maybe I'll do it this year.

LOL Beck...that definitely could be a sign of insanity. And thanks...I hope it'll be awesome, and I can't wait to see yours too!

Jennifer said...

I get all excited about this kind of stuff, lol! Grow seedlings Grow!!! Cant wait to watch how it all turns out through your blog =) We want to plant celery one year. My husband started our seedlings the other night, I got to do a blog! Happy Growing...........

Jen's Farmily said...

Our cats have really shredded my bamboo plants. Turds.

I love seeing seeds sprout. It makes me think that maybe, just MAYBE, Spring is actually almost here!

Deb said...

I have a few trays started inside! I am getting back to the 'old me' and am loving it. I have lots of plans for my new yard and like you, can't wait to dig int he soil. Oh, I have some Lenten Roses blooming. It will be fun seeing what the former owner planted. Like Christmas presents opened one at a time! I have missed gardening like I used to! I love that you are continuing the seed starting tradition! Remember the sunroom and all the trays.......two shifts of them! Love you, Momma

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