Friday, March 5, 2010

Pick on Someone Your Own Size!

For almost three weeks now (or is it 4?!) the sheep and goat and a few chickens have been living in the garagebarn. I moved them in there before the big blizzard, and they've been in there since. It's pretty convenient, because Purl was expecting and so is June. Plus, at first, they couldn't even walk in the snow it was so deep. Now they're still in there because June is thisclose to kidding, and I like being able to monitor her at night. I can't turn the sheep out yet, because June would be lonely. Plus, it is unbelieveably muddy outside, and I like that they're not out on their pasture tearing it up.

I guess Cogburn was tired of being cooped up inside, so two days ago he made his way out the door while I was filling water buckets. I figured he'd be fine, and he'd come back if he really wanted to be inside. That night I went to look for him at dusk, and I saw him wandering out near the sheep shelter. I didn't really think anything of it, because that's where he'd lived before coming inside the garagebarn.

Well, yesterday afternoon I went looking for him. And I found him. He'd gotten in a fight.

Contender #1: Cogburn.....a little bantam rooster

Contender #2: Rochester....a large Americana rooster

**Warning** The pictures below look worse than it really is.**

I found poor Cogburn in the hedgerow behind the chicken coop. Rochester was keeping Cogburn away from the coop and blocking him from going anywhere. He'd probably been doing this for quite a while. I was able to walk up to Cogburn, and he didn't even try to get away from me. I swear, animals know when you're trying to help.

This is what I found.

Poor guy was all bloodied up. He's a third of the size of Rochester, so he really doesn't stand a chance in a fight.

So I brought him inside and ran a sink of warm water to clean him up a bit. Cogburn was so thirsty he immediately started drinking from the sink.
I washed his feathers and comb and wattles to try to get the dried blood off. I think he really enjoyed it. Poor guy was finally able to relax.

After his bath I wrapped him in a towel.

Then I brought him back outside to the garagebarn, where he's the boss. He immediately did his studly rooster dance for the girls...and the boys. ;)

He'll be fine. But now I need to find a permanent solution for this problem. Maybe I'll build a separate run off the big coop for the bantams.

After I got Cogburn squared away, I spent some time with the girls. This is my favorite thing to do. After I get home from work and let the dogs out, I feed the animals. Then I sit and visit with them. I think I have the gene for this. I remember my mom telling us as a kid she'd go visit her uncle's farm and sit with the hogs. I remember when we got our first chickens. I was 10. I'd go and sit outside and just watch them. Of course, I won't tell you how I tried to dress in all brown and wanted to figure out a way to make a comb out of a red know, so they'd think I was a chicken too. I won't tell you that because that's kinda embarassing.
Anyhoo, I enjoy sitting and watching the girls. Darla and June fight over who's going to get scratches. Usually a chicken or two will come to see what I'm doing. The lambs take turns sniffing me and running away.
Yesterday the little ram lamb decided he needed to take a nap, and the most comfy place to do that was in the hay feeder (a storage bin).

Poppy, the ewe lamb decided she wanted to see what chickens tasted like. I love the look on that pullet's face.

After a while, I went and layed down in the kennel on the fresh straw. Then I was accosted.

Darla wanted to know why I wasn't petting her.

C'mon pet me! Look how cute I am!

How can you resist my big fluffy head and cute little nose?

Then she checked to see if I was hiding anything edible in my pockets.
Then June got in on the action and tried to eat my jeans.

As you can see, June hasn't kidded yet. She's teasing me. Taunting me. She knows I'm an impatient person. It can't be long now....she's huge.


Becky said...

Poor Cogburn! That mean ol' big rooster!! I love how sweet Cogburn is and lets you take care of him. I think he loves his "inside your coat" (that was him, wasn't it?) and his bath. He really layed down and took a nap in the sink?? :)
I think it's awesome that you've always loved spending time with animals. I never knew you wanted to disguise yourself as a chicken as a kid. That's so cute!
Those little lambs are so adorable! Poppy chewing on chicken feathers! LOL Cute!! I love your farm yard reports... I could read them all day. :)

katiegirl said...

Yep, that was Cogburn inside my coat. He's a cute little guy. And yeah, he laid down in the sink and closed his eyes a few times! I think the poor guy had been on alert from the attacker for a while. LOL

Susan said...

Katie, You are just too funny- maybe you should design a rooster comb hat -I am sure it would become a hot trend.
I adore Darla. And the lambs are so heart-meltingly sweet.

My roosters are getting pretty feisty these days, too. A couple times this week while feeding the cows, the chicken coop was virtually shaking with some kind of rumpus going on in there. We have way too many (7) roosters! A few of them may become dinner this weekend.

Jennifer said...

Poor Cogburn... he looked pitiful, good thing you found him and took care of him. I love she sheep pictures too cute, thats right where I'd be everyday too.

Kelly or Alex said...

Poor Roo. He looked like he was enjoying the bath. At least he is back with his girls now. The lambs are so sweet. The pic of Poppy eating the chicken is great. Good luck with the baby watch. The animals look healthy and happy.

Dad said...

That's a great post Katie. Poor Cogburn. I'm sure he love having you take care him. Reminds me of all the animals we kept in the bathroom shower over the years. And I didn't know you wanted to be a chicken. :-) You had a great aunt who actually thought she was a chicken. After having her checked out by a doctor, the doctor told your great uncle to have her go to a psyciatrist for a cure. Great uncle said "no way, we need the eggs!"
I'll bet you could just stay in the garagebarn forever amongst the animals. love you.

Deb said...

Oh, my sweet little Cogburn! I love that little guy! I hope he feels better. I wish he didn't crow or I'd take him in a heartbeat! How sweet to see him trust you so much! I got the best chuckle reading how you used to try to figure out how to disguise yourself as a chicken! You are so sweet and I love the way you write your posts! So much fun to read! You won't believe this but we put our chickens in the garage in the big dog crate (while we make their coup)and Mark was so sweet and surprised me by putting a comfy chair beside the crate so I could sit and visit them!!! See, I haven't changed after all these years! I just love your beautiful farm and sweet animals. I can't wait to visit!! Those lambs are just the cutest things in the world! I love the picture on your Flicker account - the one of the chicks sunning themselves should be in an art show! Way to go Katie!! Love you, Momma

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