Saturday, March 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Baby!

Happy 1st birthday, Elmer! You've grown into a beautiful dog.

You're goofy, silly, loveable, and very tolerant. You let Kylee lay on you, you let Scooter boss you around, you are kind enough to keep us warm by laying on top of us on the couch even though you're 65 lbs.

You started out as a little pup who would lay in our laps ever chance you got.

You were so cute!

You never were a typical crazy puppy. You'd get excited and play for a few minutes, but then you'd settle right back down. And you never went through the crazy have-to-chew-everything stage.

So happy birthday to you, ya big lug!

We couldn't ask for a better dog for the kids and pal for Scooter.

We hope you're with us for many years to come!

If you can put up with us and silly things like birthday hats, that is.


Becky said...

Happy Birthday to you, Elmer! You're such an awesome dog!

Katie, you have the best doggies :) You're going to be the one to pick our next dog in a couple years. You have the magic touch :)

Linda said...

Happy Birthday Elmer! What a cutie you've grown up to be.

Deb said...

A year old already??? He is the most amazing dog - besides Scooter that is! I am so happy for you Katiegirl! Happy Birthday dear Elmer! Love you both, Momma

Jennifer said...

Awwww this post is soooooooo cute Katie! I'll have to do this when Hank turns one, lol but I dont think he will wear a b-day hat.

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