Sunday, December 27, 2009

Saying Goodbye

Five weeks ago we took in Remmy, a boxer, as our foster dog. He'd had a rough time and needed to get out of the shelter. His time was up and they had no other options for him. Luckily a boxer rescue group stepped in once we agreed to foster him, because the rescue was out of foster homes.

My parents started a greyhound rescue group, so we had our fair share of foster dogs. This time was different though. He was *my* foster dog, not my parents'. I'll admit, there were some frustrating times with Remmy. He had diarrhea for 4 of the 5 weeks we had him. He had some small issues trying to get along with our dogs, but he came a long way.

It's just like something clicked for him one day. Like he finally understood what living in a house should be like. He and Elmer started playing together. I cannot tell you how happy I was to see that. Before he *got it*, I thought I'd had enough. I was done with him, done with the constant monitoring, done with the refereeing of the dogs. But luckily for us both, things did a complete 180. His diarrhea stopped. He adjusted to our dogs. He became a house dog.

A woman from Pennsylvania contacted the rescue about him. She'd lost 2 dogs in the past year. She's a long time boxer owner, and she and her husband are retired and would be home with Remmy full time. It was a dream come true for him.

We spoke over the phone and I could just tell she'd be a great home for him. She has another dog, a 12 year old boxer, and she has enough dog experience to be able to handle any bowel flare ups or temper tantrums he might have.

We met her today near Philly so she could get Remmy.

It was bitter sweet. I'm so happy that Remmy has a good home, and he's going to be ok. I'm also sad because the time he's spent with us lately has been great. I am already missing him. I sent him with a blanket that has our scents on it so he has something familiar in his new home.

I think I'm mostly sad that he might be confused. Is he thinking we abandoned him? Is he wondering where I am? I keep telling myself that he's fine. His new mom already called us and said he's settling in nicely! She promised to send updates and pictures.

I'm going to miss his sillyness though, like watching him try to fit his body through the cat door, and finally giving up and laying on the floor with his head through it.

I know that we gave him a great opportunity. It's so overwhelming. This dog is alive because of us. We saved his life.

Hopefully we'll get the chance to foster again. I'm thinking we'll take a break for a while. It's emotionally draining. But it was so worth it.


Kelly or Alex said...

You said it best. It is so worth it. Please post pictures when you can. We would love to see how he does at his new home.

Deb said...

How very very sweet hon.... I am so very very proud of you! You've given Remy a whole new chance at life! Love you so much, Momma

Susan said...

You gave Remy a second chance--AND you made a family very happy. Both of my pooches are rescue dogs and I am so grateful to the people who fostered them, taught them a few rules of civilization and provided a loving temporary home until they found their way to us. It is a very generous thing you have done.

Becky said...

He was such a smart pup :) I don't think he'll feel abandoned. I think he'll remember you guys with happy doggy feelings as he's playing with his new doggy buddy. You gave him a great start into living with a family :)

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