Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ready? Set? Snow!

I took off work yesterday because the weather forecast said we were going to get snow. A lot of snow. I decided there was too much work to do around here to get ready, so I stayed home. Our only heat source at the house is a heat pump. If we lose electricity, we're without any source of heat at all. I decided to go to Lowes and get a heater of some sort, plus some other supplies.

I got a grain scoop to use as a snow shovel, because we can use it for other things later in the year as well. The bucket is filled with a snow/ice remover (pet safe). I got a propane heater that will heat up to 200 sq ft. It runs off of those little 1 gallon propane bottles, and it's indoor safe. I also bought candles, milk, bread, and toilet paper. You know, the necessities. I also finally managed to finish up the Christmas shopping.

Seems these geese are restless and looking for some kind of shelter.

Once I got the shopping done, I went to work outside. I wanted to make sure all of the animals were comfortable. I filled up all the water troughs and buckets. Tucker had to check everything out.

I put up a board to block half of the front of the sheep shelter. It's not pretty, but at least it's keeping them warm and out of the wind.

I filled up their hay feeders and bedded them down. June is loving life.

The sheep would rather graze. See Rooster Cogburn? He thinks he's a sheep. Seriously. Most nights he roosts on the hay feeders under the shelter. He's always out with them. I think it's because one of the big roosters (who will be finding another home soon) picks on him.

I put fresh shavings in the chicken coop.

I managed to string icicle lights on the house!! Now we're ready! Bring on the snow!

We woke up and there was snow on the ground! This is unusual for us here. We normally don't get snow until January or February. And this much snow this early is almost unheard of!

Elmer LOVES it!

We got about 8" last night, and it's still coming down fast! We're supposed to get an additional 8-15" today, and another 5" or so tonight. We may get a total of 24"!!! Blizzard!

At least the chickens are snug in their coop.

And Darla, Purl, and June are warm and happy.

Their water wasn't even frozen. It was a giant slushy, so I scooped a path so they could drink.

Here's another shot of the holly in the front yard.

And I don't know if you can see it, but I made a snow angel before I came back in the house. :-)

I have big plans for the rest of the day. Bake cookies, snuggle on the couch, watch some Christmas movies, and finish knitting my first hat! More on the hat later....

Hope you are all warm and toasty wherever you are!


Linda said...

That's alot of snow! Everything looks all snuggy and warm.

Raining and windy here. Might get a few flakes tongiht.

Marie said...

O M G -- enjoy it, if you need a snow shovel -- i've got lots!!!

Joanne said...

Fertilizer works to melt snow and ice too.

gz said...

Remember Squash Blossom Farm's Wovel?
Perhaps you could add wheels to the grain shovel?

Kelly or Alex said...

What a wonderful winter wonderland. It feels so good when everything is done and there is nothing left to do but enjoy the winter gift. The whole east coast is covered with white. We are expecting the storm tomorrow and are ready with wood for the wood stoves and water. We have heaters that fit into our stock tank for the sheep and it is always defrosted. The goats, chickens and dogs all have heated water buckets. It feels so good to be cozy and inside with Christmas smells.

Deb said...

Great preparations Katie! You did better than we did so we just hunkered down in our tiny 6 inches! he he he The chicken coop looks so comfy that I would stay in there! Lots of billowy shavings. Love you, Momma Ps- love what you did with the sheep shelter!

Jennifer said...

Cute Post!

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