Thursday, December 3, 2009

One Week Old!

I know it's been a few days since I've updated, so I took a few pictures with my cell phone yesterday. Sorry they're not better, I've been a crafting fool! The craft show is Saturday, so I've been working hard to get things ready. I'll blog about that on Saturday!

Elmer loves the chicks. He loves to look at them, but I'm not so sure they like him looking at them.

This one's coloring is interesting. See that big blob on the right? That'd be Elmer's nose.

Remember the freaky chick? Well, it's an Americana (or Easter Egger) mix. See the greenish legs? I hope it's a she!

This one was content to perch on my finger.
In case you're wondering about how our Thanksgiving went, take a little trip over to Becky's Stockpot. She blogged about it, and I'm being lazy and linking to her blog because I have become allergic to looking through pictures and uploading them. Just ask Becky. It took me 3 months (or longer?) to email her the pictures we took from vacation this year! Here is her post Thanksgiving Part 1, and here's Thanksgiving Part 2! Thanks for letting me blog-mooch off you, Becky!


Susan said...

The chicks are looking so perky and happy! I love how their little wing feathers start growing as soon as they hatch.
I would have suggested tha the odd-colored chick was an Americana mix, but I got my Americana hens as juveniles and didn't know what the chicks looked like. One of my Americana hens has gone broody but I'm taking the eggs--it's too cold out there for baby chicks. I hope they will hatch some next spring.

Jennifer said...

So cute and they really do grow so fast!

Becky said...

LOL, allergic to downloading pictures! You're welcome to blog mooch off of me anytime :)

The babies are looking so cute :)

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