Sunday, December 6, 2009

Gone to the Dogs

Friday I was home from work finishing up my sewing for the craft show on Saturday. The dogs had a rough day. They had to sleep, nap, snooze, snore, and dream all day long. That's hard on a dog.

I'm not sure how they do it.

Poor Elmer.

Life is rough for a puppy.

Everyone expects so much of you.

Scooter decided he couldn't take it on the couch anymore, so he had to go upstairs to the bed.

Did I hear something?

I swear I heard a noise...

Oh, it's just you, Mom.

Remember Remington, our foster dog? We introduced him to our dogs yesterday. We had been keeping him quarantined until we made sure he couldn't give our dogs anything. Remmy has diarrhea, that's why he wasn't adopted from the Humane Society. We decided to foster him to give him a chance to get better and so he could get adopted. We are pretty sure he has colitis, which is very common in boxers. He's on a special fish and sweet potato grain free diet. We need to make sure the diet is not contributing to his colitis, so we needed to find a food he'd never been introduced to before. We feel pretty safe that he's never had a fish and sweet potato diet. We also went grain free because dogs can have allergies to grains, and we wanted to make sure there's no reason for his bowels to be inflamed. He has no parasites, so we felt safe introducing him to our boys.

He's in the mud room with a baby gate keeping him seperate from the other dogs. Yesterday he showed a tiny bit of aggression towards them. He was trying to assert his dominance. We're keeping him seperate for now so he learns he's not top dog. We'll do introductions slowly.

After he settled down this morning, I went to check on him to see how he was doing.

But he wasn't on his bed. Where was he?

Oh! He found a better bed on the coat pile!

He's a very good boy.

I just hope we can eventually have him join the house as a regular member of the family. Well, at least until he gets permanently adopted. :)


Becky said...

Oh, your poor, poor dogs. Having to suffer while snuggled on beds, blankets, and coats. LOL Cute picture of Elmer's nose. I hope Remmy settles down with your doggies. He's such a smart dog!

Jennifer said...

Awwww... they are so cute! I love the close up pic. of the doggie nose :)

Dad said...

Katie, I just caught up on your blog. YOU GOT SNOW!!!! Or had snow I should probably say. It was beautiful. All of the dogs are cute. You take great pictures of them and your comments are even better. Congrats on the craft show. I was there with you in spirit if not in person. love you, Dad p.s. And since you were lazy and used Becky's site to post about Thanksgiving I'm being lazy and using your site to post to Becky's1

Becky, I caught up on your blog too and I think I even called you about it but wanted to put something in type for yours too!! LOL If I had to say which one of you (Becky or katie) has the best blog it would be....................................................................A TIE!!! WAHOOOO Love you Dad

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