Monday, December 7, 2009

Getting my craft on.

Ok, enough waiting. Here's the craft show post, only a day later than promised!

It went pretty well, but it rained outside (and then later turned to snow), so I think that made some people decide to stay home. We had a fairly steady flow. I'd say it was mostly older customers (think Grandma), and I think most of my stuff is geared toward a little bit of a younger crowd. Things that sold really well last year, like ornaments, didn't do so hot this year.

These penguin ornaments sold out last year, and none sold this year. I'm not too sad though, because I love them and I don't think I've ever kept one for myself! They're all different!

These Santas flew off the shelf (figuratively speaking) last year, and I only sold 1 this year.

And none of the little hen ornaments sold this year. That's ok, because like the penguins, I don't have any of my own! I know of 2 people I'd like to send one to though. ;-)

Here are the felted nest rings I made. These sold pretty well! I probably sold 8 of them. Not too bad!

Here are the hair pins. I think I sold 5 or 6 of these.

Here are my cupcake pin cushions, and under that the felted flower hair bands. None of these sold.

Here's my set up. I had a 6' table, so I had to squeeze stuff in fairly tightly. You can see the felted sweater purses I made. There were 5 of them. Two of them sold at the show. I just got an email from a lady that bought a little knitted and felted pouch today. She is going to buy a purse for her God-daughter's birthday.

Here's the tree with the ornaments, the cell phone/iPod cozies, and some knitted and felted pouches left over from last year's show.

I am going to try to list all of the stuff that didn't sell in my Etsy shop in the next day or two.

I had a great time. I don't do craft shows to make money (although it is nice if I do make money). I mainly do it to try to break even on the supplies for my crafting hobby. I'll do it again next year. Who knows what the hot item will be! It's always changing.


Becky said...

You're a wiz with wool, Kate :) I LOVE all of your creations. I love the decorations you put on the cell phone cozies. The cherries are so cute!

Marie said...

how much are the Santa ornaments? do you have them on etsy? email me ....

they are adorable and i need treats for my "girls" .....


Deb said...

Good job Katie. I am proud of you for doing it. I would love to do a craft show again. Maybe I can start a few items for next year. It is fun. You did a great job setting up your table. Your Santas are as great as the penguins! Love you, Momma

Patrick said...

Good job Katie. It is so strange how things sell some years and not others. My Mom makes wreathes and last year they went like hotcakes and this year they haven't moved at all. Who knows what people are thinking?

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