Monday, December 21, 2009

I'm A Big Sister!

Sort of! Remember the chicks I hatched over Thanksgiving? Well, my mom ended up taking the incubator and some fertile eggs home with her to try her hand at hatching them!

She just sent me these pictures! The chicks hatched out yesterday and over night!

There are 5 of them. She had a great hatch rate!


I think she may be keeping them, but I'm still not sure. Maybe she can clarify for us? Maybe I'll bring some home after our New Year's visit?

Tell us your plans, Mom!

And I'll try to get some new pics of mine now. I always forget how small they are when they hatch!


Deb said...

My plans are to keep several hens for their eggs and their bug removal abilities. I am so attached to the little fluff balls already; I hope my favorites are girls. Becky and I have been wanting chickens for a while and now I have the property to keep a few. It will be hard keeping them inside until the weather is good enough outdoors, but luckily I have a 15 x 15 laundry room and an extra large dog crate. Katie can have all roosters... he he he Thanks so much Katie for such a fun experience! You taught me well! Love you, Momma

Jennifer said...

They are so cute...

Becky said...

Yay!!!! They're so cute! I can't wait to come over and meet them :) I'm crossing my fingers that they're all hens!

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