Saturday, December 12, 2009

Friday Night at Home

Kylee has been asking if she can help me cook dinner lately. To be honest, most times I'd rather do it myself because it's much quicker. Last night, however, I decided it'd be a good time to have her help me, since it was the weekend and I didn't have a "dinner deadline".

First she helped with the corn bread. Home girl can crack some eggs!

Then she helped me with the chili. She is a very good pourer. David was working hard at some delicious garlic bread. Unfortunately we forgot about it and it got a little over done. Poor guy. He really put a lot of effort in it, and it was still good even though it was slightly over done.

Smile for the camera!

Devin helped out by feeding the dogs. He's really good at it. He even makes the dogs sit and "wait" for their food. He'll then tell them "okay" and they'll dig in. We taught the dogs to sit and wait so they don't rush the food all crazy-like.

And guess what came in the mail today?!!!!!! My order from!! I saw this great mushroom hat from the purl bee, and really wanted to make it! My Aunt Linda gave me some great advice on where to get needles (since I can't find any 16" circular needles in the stores around here), so I ordered some along with this beautiful yarn! It's SO soft, I think it'll make a really nice hat. It's the comfy sport yarn, and I got the seafoam. I'm not sure when I'll start the hat. I've never knitted in the round, so I need to go google some how-to videos!

Well, I'm off to make about 7 dozen sugar cookies for a cookie exchange tomorrow!


Becky said...

Way to go Kylee and Devin! What great helpers! "Homegirl can crack some eggs" LOL!
Yay for knitting supplies in the mail! That's a gorgeous yarn! is a great resource. It's going to be such a cute hat :)

Deb said... are a nut. Both yours and Becky's latest posts have been so funny! I love seeing you teach the kids chores. They look like they really love it! I can't wait to see your new hat. That yarn is beautiful! Love you, Momma

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