Sunday, December 20, 2009


Ok, I like snow. I guess I would even venture to say I love snow. I just don't love snow that's up to my knees.

I guess I wouldn't mind it as much if I didn't have to take dogs out every few hours, and feed the animals. For their sake, it's just too much.

It sure is pretty though.

This is a four foot fence and only the top half is showing.

I had to dig a trench so the Darla, Purl, and June could get to the water trough. The shovel tip is on the ground.

Uh oh. It's only a one-lane road.

It's ok. They push past each other.

Hopefully today we'll be able to get to the store. Not that we really need anything, but David doesn't like feeling trapped in the house. I think I'll go make some sourdough rolls. And maybe bake some cookies. We didn't get any baking done yesterday. I was too busy knitting. I'm almost done with the hat. Should be done today. It sure is an "interesting" hat. ;-)


Linda said...

Love love love the pictures. They would make great note cards for your etsy shop!

Poor David.

We had just a dusting. It's already melting away.

Becky said...

Katie!!!That is insane!!!! I'm so jealous. Apparently we only got 6 inches at home. I'm hoping it stays around until we get home. Gorgeous pictures!! I wish I were there to see so much snow :)

Deb said...

GOOD LORD KATIE!!! Thats a lotta snow my girl! You beat us hands down. Mark would just die if he woke up to that. You should hear what a measly 6 inches did to him!!! I love the one way road picture!! I am so glad David's friend came out and plowed things for you and the animals! I can't imagine how hard it was for you to get out to feed your animals! You're a champ Katie! Love the snowy faced Darla. I swear I am smitten with her! Love you, Momma

Susan said...

Whoa! You have more snow than Minnesota! (Altho we are forecast to have a "snowpocalypse" coming.) Glad to see you survived the blizzard. It is such a pain getting water to animals through deep snow!

Jennifer said...

Beautiful Snow Pictures! I love looking at the snow, lol. We havent had any snow yet this winter, its nice and sunny here today :) Not looking forward to feeding the chickens in the snow!

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