Thursday, July 9, 2009

La casa de pollo.

The chicken coop is finished! Well, almost finished!

Doesn't the front look like a face?

It is finished enough for the chickens to go in it now. I just need to build some nesting boxes (which is no big rush because they're not big enough to lay right now), and put some trim around the windows. Trim can wait for a while though, that's just to make it look purty.

We finished the coop yesterday around 6:00pm, but we had to go shopping so we couldn't move the chickens until we got back. Plus, I wanted to wait until dark anyways because once the chickens roost for the night, you can just walk right up to them and pick them up. For some reason, they don't move, even if they see you coming for them. That's how foxes can clean out a chicken coop in a single night. So we got home from shopping around 11:00pm, and I went out to move them. I held David's little pen light in my teeth and gathered up 3 or 4 chickens at at time and moved them. I moved the turkeys last because I thought they might struggle a bit. They didn't cause too much trouble luckily. I put them all on their roosts and locked them up tight.

This morning I went out and brought them their food and water and let them out into their run. I don't even know why I bother with that plastic fence. They just look at it and laugh. Have you ever heard a chicken laugh? It's a bruise to the ego when a chicken laughs at you. In no time flat the rogue chicken gang was out of the fence and in the garden like normal. I noticed the other day that they'd been eating my cosmos and bachelor button plants!! I definitely need to put up the permanent fence soon.

Here's their little door and ramp to outside.

Here's a view from inside looking out.

Here are the roosts. We made them out of saplings we cut down from our hedgerow! We're all about using stuff we already have.

Here is the back wall where the nesting boxes will go.

It's a good thing we got it finished. I put in an order for 25 broiler chicks. They'll arrive around July 24th! They are going to go in the pen in the garage that these chickens just moved out of. I'll get some pictures tonight of the chickens inside the coop.


Becky said...

Laughing chickens!! You're too funny :) The coop looks fantastic! The rogue chicken gang sounds hilarious. Sorry about the plants they ate. What type of fencing will you have to put up to keep them in? Will you have to clip their wings?

katiegirl said...

I'm going to get that 2X4 mesh we used to use. Probably 4' high, and I'll probably clip their wings. Little turds.

Linda said...

It's so cute! I would suggest flowered or gingham curtains at the windows. But then they just might laugh at that!

Susan said...

Sweet coop! Your chickens will be very happy.

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