Monday, December 20, 2010

Theo's New Digs

When I got Theo, I planned on keeping him until he bred June and then I thought I'd sell him. I don't have the space to keep a buck year 'round, and if I keep a buck I have to keep a friend for a buck. I just don't have the space to keep 2 boys. So, I placed an ad for Theo and waited and waited. Turns out since hardly anyone has Oberhaslis around here, it's pretty hard to sell a buck.

A few weeks after I placed the ad for Theo, I got an email from the woman who bought the two doe kids from me earlier this year. She saw the ad and came up with an idea. I'd keep ownership of Theo, and she would keep him at her farm and take care of him. We'd both be able to breed him to our does. Perfect!

So we drove Theo down to his new home.

He has 2 roommates, Boer buck kids just a few months younger than he is. Theo didn't quite understand how to greet other bucks...

Look at the buck on the right. I'm amazed at how meaty and thick he is! I'm used to seeing dairy goats, which are much thinner than meat breeds.

Theo has lots of new friends. The herd is so pretty to look at, with all of the different colors and patterns!

I really like the big red girl.

And I also got to see the doe kids! This is Beatrice on the right with one of her friends.

This picture of Beatrice reminds me of the one of June's grin.

And here's Mamie. They're both so big and they look great.

Mamie again.

I was pretty sad to sell the girls this spring, but I couldn't ask for a better home for them! Seeing that big herd of goats made me want more. Hopefully one day I'll have enough land to have more. :-)


Jennifer said...

Nice Home For Theo, glad it all worked out for you. All the goats are so pretty.

Deb said...

I know how wonderful that was to see how good everyone is doing. It's so hard to say goodbye but much easier if it's a great home! You are a good 'Fur Momma' Katie! Love you,Momma

Deb said...

Ps- that meat goat is HUGE!!!

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