Sunday, December 12, 2010

Breakfast with Santa

Yesterday morning we went to the kids' school for Breakfast with Santa. They had some neat activities, including Santa's Workshop and a cookie walk. The kids shopped in Santa's workshop for presents for their mom and dad, and they got one each wrapped by a volunteer.

It was a little crowded, so we said we could handle wrapping the other presents at home.

Then the kids each got to visit with Santa and get their picture taken. We had to wait in line, so we entertained ourselves while we waited.

Then it was time to see the big man himself! Kylee went first...

And then Devin. He told us on the way there that he was going to ask Santa for an automatic room cleaner, but then chickened out when he got to see Santa.

On our way out, David and Devin stopped for a friendly game of hoops.

Kylee was more interested in her candy cane. I don't blame her!


Becky said...

Looks like fun :) That's a great picture of you waiting in line! What did the kids end up asking for? The boys look like they had fun playing basketball. :)

Dad said...

That reminds me of taking you all to the school Christmas sale. That was a lot of fun. I couldn't wait to get the new screwdriver set! lol Love you. Tell david he has a good follow through on his shot.

Deb said...

Way to go with the Santa breakfast! I am so excited about the holidays this year and my decorating is going to be over the top! Love you, Momma

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