Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Gift of Warmth

Both my sister and I have heat pumps as our main source of heat in our houses. Heat pumps aren't exactly known for their ability to get a house really cozy and warm. Plus, both my sister and I are pretty frugal and leave our thermostats set a little low to save on energy use.

I figured I'd make each of the kids their own little microwaveable heating pad! I sewed simple rectangles and filled them with plain rice. It was fun looking for the perfect fabric for each kid. Kylee got the purple Tinker Bell fabric, Devin got Cars, Evan got the trucks, and Charlotte got The Little Mermaid.

I made each one with an inner pouch with rice, and sewed each pouch in half to divide the rice in half. I used double seams just in case they're a little rough with them.

And then I made a liner pouch to go on the outside. The liners velcro together at the top. This way the pouches can be pulled off before microwaving, or they can be pulled off to wash if they get dirty.

Stick these babies in the microwave for about a minute or a minute and a half and they provide nice heat to snuggle up with at night! They're great for cold toes or you can do what Devin does and use it as a pillow. :-)

These are also a really great gift for tight budgets. Total cost was $15 for all 4 ($9 for the fabric and $6 for the large bag of rice).


Jennifer said...

Cute gift idea :) I bet they are nice and toasted, when I worked in daycare in the nursery we had a baby who slept with a rice sock heating pad.

Kelly said...

Treasured gifts. They will love the idea that you took the time and made them yourself.

Deb said...

What a great idea my Katie!!! I know they all love them! I should make one for Mark so he can warm up his side of the bed. He hates getting under cold sheets! I'm the exact opposite! I am stealing your idea!! Love you, Momma

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