Thursday, December 2, 2010

Animal Updates Week Part 3

So, here are the chickens. Yup. Nothin' much to say about the chickens.

My little Old English Game bantam hen hatched 5 babies several months ago, and I forgot to blog about it. She has 3 babies left, and they're all tiny like her! See them to the left of the black rubber bowl? The two little black pullets are smaller than their mom. The mom is the one at the bottom of the group of 4. The little black and white speckled is a cockerel I believe.

In the above picture, the two white chickens are broilers. I kept the smallest 8 birds back when we processed our last batch in early October. I'm letting them get nice and fat and we'll process them s we need/want them.

Many of the chickens are molting and looking rather pitiful.

And the silly birds prefer drinking out of the sheep trough.

And the guineas continue to be super-freak ninja poultry.


Becky said...

"Super freak Ninja poultry" ROFL!! Best line ever!!
I love those super tiny bantams she hatched! They are so small!
That's quite a poultry yard, Kate. I love all the different kinds of Chickens.

Jennifer said...

Love The Chickens :)

How many do you have now? How many eggs are you gettin? I need to buy some of those black fed containers.

Jen ( said...

Thank you for sharing the photos of your chickens. I have major Barnheart (thank you Cold Antler Farm) and a heart-felt need to have some chickens in my life! Sadly at this juncture I cannot, so I look at other people's chickens. :)

Deb said...

I am with Becky on the Ninja comment! I laughed out loud and I'm home alone!! You are too funny Katie girl! I love looking at all the different colorations of your chickie poos. I know you enjoy them! Love and hugs, Momma

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