Monday, December 27, 2010

What's Worse?

Lots of snow and no wind, or not much snow and a ton of wind? I'll pick lots of snow and no wind, thank you.

We were forecasted to get 8-12" of snow yesterday, but luckily we only got a few inches. I can't tell for sure how much we actually got because the wind is blowing like crazy. I looked out the window this afternoon and saw this.

What was left of the hay shed...

I sent a picture to David on his cell phone and he said he thought he could bend it back. Yeah, I'm not sure. Another reason I'm sick of the snow and wind is because David's new job requires him to be in the shop while it's snowing and while trucks are out plowing. The plowing is being negated by the wind blowing the snow back across the road. Poor David has been at work since 5 AM yesterday morning. He said he'll be lucky to get home by midnight tonight.

And the darn shed snapped a post too.

Plus, one section of Ondura roofing on the chicken coop blew off. It looks like it ripped right in half. That stuff is pretty heavy duty and I'm surprised it didn't hold up. At least there is still particle board covering the roof.

Ok wind, you can stop now.


Allison at Novice Life said...

Oh no that stinks! I hope you can still use your hay!!

Darn wind, I was worried about my barn roofs too last night while I was laying in bed listening to it whistle :/

Becky said...

Katie, I'm so sorry! I really hope the wind stops and David can come home. Your poor shed :(

Foothills Poultry said...

That wind is awful. Luckily(OR NOT) we got 8 inches to hold everything down.

Hope you can 'fix' the shed.


Deb said...

Oh Katie.....what a tough couple of days you've had........ With Kylee's fever, David being at work for so long, and now this... I am so sorry hon! Take good care sweetie pie! Love you muches, Momma

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