Saturday, May 29, 2010

Meet Theo

This is Theo, my new buck. Theo is Mammoth's son. His mom is owned by the same girl who used to own June. Theo was born on the same day as June's kids. How about that? He's 12 weeks old and growing fast.

He'll have to be separated from the rest of the herd soon. He's already showing interest in June (both sexually AND trying to nurse from her) so I'll need to separate him soon. I plan on building a separate pen for him and the ram lamb so we don't get any accidental breedings.

He's a really sweet boy though. The other day my ram lamb was trying to play with him and poor Theo thought he was just getting chased.

He's not sure what to think of those sheep.


Kim said...

Oh, sooo cute! Congrats.

Jennifer said...

Oooo Theo is cute :)

Becky said...

Hi Theo :) He's so cute! That's cute that he thought the lamb was chasing him. The little ram was probably so excited to have another friend to play with. Maybe he'll get used to him soon enough so they can play :)

Isn't Darla getting close to her due date?? I cna't wait for new lamb pictures :)

Deb said...

Welcome Theo! How do you teach a goat to play with a lamb? I sure do love that coloring! My love to Darla! Momma

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