Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Slippers for Lisa

Every year our family does a gift exchange instead of everyone buying each person a gift. We each draw names (or we are assigned names) and we buy (or make) gifts for that one person, and everyone gives to the kids.

This year I got Lisa's name in the exchange. I wanted to make her a pair of slippers I'd seen in a knitting calendar I have. I'd been wanting to make them, and I finally had an "excuse". The pattern is the Felted Slipper by Patons. I used Paton's Classic Wool in Bright Red for the main color, and the white for the cuff color. The slippers were pretty easy to knit up, especially the second one once I had the pattern memorized.

This is the finished product, after felting. They fit very nicely and are very warm!

But here's the before picture! Since you have to felt them, you actually knit them way larger than the foot size. These are sitting on my washing machine and they almost take up the whole door.

I really love these slippers and I'm getting ready to cast on for a pair of my own! The only think I might change is the sole. I think I'll try to find some thin suede to sew on as a sole. We have lots of pets and hard floors, so I think it will help keep the pet hair out (you can only sweep or vacuum so many times a day!) and make them more durable.

And the good news is Lisa liked them!


Jonathan S. Miller said...

Wow! Those turned out great! What a difference in size from before and after. Maybe I'll knit up a pair for myself... but I'd have to make them the color of dirt ;) Floors don't stay clean around here for long.

(by Becky btw, too lazy to sign in as myself)

Jennifer said...

OOooo... I like them too! Very nice gift :)

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