Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Animal Updates Week Part 2

Last year I had issues with Darla. I bought her as a bred ewe, and she wasn't bred. I'm not sure if she never was, or if she aborted very early on or what. I had to scramble to find a ram in January and it was a headache. And come June very pregnant ewes get hot and uncomfortable. Ask Darla, she'll tell you. I thought I had that problem solved this year because I kept one of Purl's lambs. I planned from day one to use the ram to breed Darla in the fall and then we would have him processed for the freezer.

Well, things were going fine. I saw Darla come into heat in October, and I saw the ram attempting to breed her. I figured everything would be fine. And I thought it was, until a few days ago. Darla was back in heat! Noooo! I'm thinking the ram just isn't quite getting the job done. He attempts, but they're pretty lame attempts. I did a quick exam (because sometimes there will be something causing interference with full extension, if you know what I mean). I didn't see anything wrong. I'm not sure what the issue is, but I need a ram for Darla and I need one fast. Hopefully my neighbor will let me breed her to Horatio again. If not, she'll have to remain open this year.

Nothing much is new with Purl. She's her usual cute, fluffy self. Old reliable.

I always want to hug her, but she frowns upon that.


Becky said...

"she frowns upon that" ROFL!!! You crack me up! I love seeing your sheepy pictures. Purl has the best face. I love how fluffy Darla is but Purl has a very handsome face. Very classic sheep kinda face.
Good luck with Darla! That girl needs to get with the program!

Jennifer said...

Your sheep are so pretty. Hope you find a ram for Darla soon.

Deb said...

I am so sorry you are having problems with Darla again. I tell you.......threaten her with becomming Mutton chops!!! And the Ram - if he doesn't use it tell him he'll lose it! I am thinking you need Lamb Bootcamp! I agree with Becky that Darla has the wizened old ewe face - she's a dear girl. Boring but reliable! Let us know if you arrange a 'date' with Horatio! Good luck hon! Love you, Momma

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