Thursday, January 28, 2010

She's Baa-aack!

Meet Horatio! He's a registered Border Leicester (pronounced Lester). He's a very handsome fellow, and *hopefully* the sire of Darla's future lambs. Darla went to stay with him last Wednesday, and came home today. That's her in the background.

Horatio wore a marking harness for a little while, but his owner took it off because he was playing "paint the wethers" who were in his pen with him. He still managed to mark Darla pretty darn well, though it's a little more faded than it would have been had he been wearing the actual harness. So her breeding date is officially January 26th, just like I expected from the date of her last suspected heat.

I'm not sure what the chest marks are from. I'm not sure I want to know. ;-)

Of course when Darla came home, the girls had to work out their status again. Looks like Darla is top dog!

June would get fed up with the drama and walk way.

They worked it out in no time though.

I'm glad Darla is back. I missed that plucky little ewe. I'll be able to send in another blood test in 20 days! Cross your fingers! And toes too!


Becky said...

Welcome home Darla!! Her boyfriend is a handsome fellow (hehe, I love saying fellow).
Man, she's got green all over her! Will it fade over time?
I'm crossing my eyes that she's bred! ;)

Susan said...

With such beautiful parents those lambiekins will be SO cute!

Deb said...

I don't want to know either. My little gkid Darla is now sullied! sob! I guess it will be worth it once I see her cutie pie babies. I just have a feeling she'll drop twins!! Give an extra back scratch to my second favorite, June. Love and kisses, Momma

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