Saturday, February 6, 2010

We're Surviving!

Thought I'd update y'all on our day.

I have to bundle up pretty good to go outside. The wind whips the snow around like crazy and it's hard to see.

I managed to bring the girls into the garagebarn. Poor Purl...she's so rotund she got stuck a few times. They were following in my tracks, but sometimes they'd bottom out! I had to go back for June. She followed us about half way but though we must be crazy so she turned back.

They all seem to be warm and cozy now, and it's so much easier feeding and checking on them!

I set up a PVC feeder for the pen. It's meant to hang on a board fence, so I had to prop it a little with a 2x4 underneath it. I made two of these feeders about 5 years ago...all by myself! :-)

Darla got some scratches, which she loved. Doesn't her head look huge here?

Here was our measurement at 4pm today. About 25".

Our poor little house is covered! See that spot in the top of the picture? I can't figure out what that is!

The view of the garagebarn.

The boughs of our poor holly are pretty weighed down.

The kids are outside with David now. I'll post pics later!


Dad said...

Good golly day Katie that is some SNOW!!!! You have us beat. I'm not sure how much we have but I'm guessing more than a foot. That is a wonderful picture of you (the very top one I'm talking about)(Not that the other ones aren't good either). I think that spot is a UFO! I've heard they like to come out in snowy weather. You barn looks so cozy in there with all the animals. It's almost like it's a manger scene. All you need now is a couple of wise men and a baby. haha LOL Sorry I couldn't resist. Love you.

Becky said...

What hat is that, Kate? Is it real fur? I love the picture of Purl laying down. I bet the spot on the camera is a snowflake that landed on your lense.
Your house looks like a magical little cabin from a storybook.
That tree is amazing!
Three posts in one day! I'm loving it, Kate! :) Not quite as good as being there but it'll do :)

katiegirl said...

Becky, I got that hat in Colorado when I went for a Horizon business trip. It's faux fur, but very warm!

Marie said...

hope it melts!!! spring can't happen soon enough for me ....

gz said...

If the spot isn't a snowflake, it could be a very small bug inside the camera or lens

Linda said...

Wow! That's alot of snow. Glad y'all are safe and warm.

Susan said...

Glad to hear you are managing through the big snowstorm so well. I've been thinking about you and all your critters!

Jennifer said...

Nice Pictures :)

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