Friday, February 12, 2010

Our Thursday

Yesterday David and I decided to go for a bit of a drive and see how things were looking around town. The snow sure does make everything pretty!

Here's the river that divides our county from the next. The town where David grew up (and where we used to live) sits right on the banks of the river. We're not far from it, because our new house is just outside of town .

You can see where the original plow line was, back near the telephone pole. There is a huge field to the left, and the snow is blowing terribly and creeping back into the road.

We saw several of these...

I wanted to climb up these snow mountains, but there wasn't really a good place for David to pull off the road, so I just ran out and he snapped a quick picture. The snow was mounded up higher than the truck on both sides of the road!

This is our backyard...that's a 4' high mesh fence!

And here's the arbor into the chicken yard. The snow is mounded up underneath me, so I'm standing well above the actual ground. You can see how tall the arbor is by looking at the fence. The fence is 4' tall, so the arbor is probably a little over 6'.

We took the kids to the grocery store so we could get a few minor things for dinner. I don't think they'd been able to get any shipments of things for a few days. Either that, or the perishable items were perishing.

Here's the chicken section...

And the bread. Though this could be because there was a mad rush for bread before the storm.

Then we came home and all helped make a snowman. Please don't pay attention to the hat Kylee is wearing. It says, "Baby Girl." We didn't buy it for her. I don't care for things like that, and I don't want you judging me. LOL!!!

I still have that annoying blog on the camera. I have wiped the lense. No luck. Maybe it's something inside? I told David I needed a new camera, but he didn't go for that. Hopefully I can figure out how to clean it. It's annoying me!


Becky said...

I can't believe how high the snow mounds are on the sides of the road!! That's a really cool picture of you standing in front of it. The stores are empty!! Holy cow!
The picture of you under the arbor is amazing. It's hard for me to imagine that much snow.
Great snowman! LOL, I'm with you on the phrases on clothing..Yuck! At least it doesn't say "Flirt" or "Princess" or "Trouble Maker". I won't judge you though ;)

I think that fuzzy spot on your camera is the perfect reason to get an awesome new camera!! Come on, David, what would make a more amazing Valentine's gift then a Nikon camera. Katie would owe you BIG!! :)

gz said...

It is a bug inside the lens or the camera, afaik they can be fumigated

Deb said...

I know you want her to wear hoochy momma clothes, Katie! ;-) Hon, I've seen far worse and most of it in WalMart! I love your pictures of that amazing snow. I can't imagine that much snow! You must feel like you woke up in the Twilight Zone! I hope all your chickens are ok. It must be tough on all wildlife too! Isn't it a little spooky to see the grocery shelves bare? We are so spoiled in the country to always have every desire at hand. I would be a little freaked out by the sight. You are a brave one Katie girl! Love you, Momma

Jennifer said...

Nice pics. I'm soooo happy we dont have that much snow, gosh my kids would never get to go back to school! lol

Dad said...

Holy cow Katie that's some snow. i can't believe you're so high up to the arbor. The store looks like it would be in a movie where the a bomb has blown up the world and people are trying to survive but they can't because there's no food in the store because people are trying to find food anywhere they can because of the bomb having gone off and all. Anyway it's eerie. Nice snowman too. Thumbs down on the hat. LOL

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