Monday, February 8, 2010

Clarabelle Lambed!

Remember Clarabelle, the ewe that stayed here for a while to be bred? Well, she lambed on Saturday night! It figures she'd lamb in the snow storm! Her owner sent me these pictures yesterday.

She had two healthy ram lambs all by herself! They have her markings. The one on the left is Baylon, and the one on the right is Bartholemew!

Sounds like she's a wonderful mother!

The boys look so cute in their wool coats!

They are so cute. Makes me wish Purl would hurry up and lamb!

Looks like my girls will be staying in the garagebarn for a while. The weather forecast for tomorrow/tomorrow night says, "Periods of snow. Some sleet may mix in. Low 28F. Winds E at 10 to 20 mph. Chance of snow 90%. Significant snow accumulation possible." BOOO!!!!


Jennifer said...

Awww... they are so cute, I just want to hold one! I love looking at all your animals, I would love to be able to have all that but we never will so I just have to enjoy yours through your blog, lol. I hope you dont mind I linked your blog to my Honest post.

Becky said...

Cute! I love their markings on their heads!

Hurry up Purl... I want to see your baby(ies)!

Kelly or Alex said...

What sweet boys. Congratulations to all. Wonder what Purl will have? It's so exciting.

Deb said...

those are such cutie pie lambs also!! Sorry she didn't get a little ewe lamb. Clarabelle is big! Love, Momma

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