Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Another Blizzard!

We're in the middle of blizzard # 2 in a 7 day period. Yep, that's right. We got 26" of snow on Saturday. Now it's Wednesday and we're in the 12-18" range of snowfall predicted. A tiny part of me loves all this's gorgeous, and it's kinda fun being snowed in. The rest of me is sick of it. It's cold, sometimes it's boring being snowed in, and it makes life much harder. I'm *trying* to stay positive though.

The poor birds outside need help in these crazy conditions, so I've been making sure the feeders stay full. I'll be honest, until this storm, I hadn't fed the birds in months. I didn't even know if we'd have any if I bought food, but I bought it just in case. I filled the feeders Saturday morning and sprinkled some seed on the snow, and within just a few hours we had birds!!

I decided it'd be a good project for us to make some nice treats for the birds. We spread peanut butter on a piece of bread...

And then sprinkled on crushed peanuts, sunflower seeds, and chopped raisins.

Ta-daa! Mine, Kylee's, and Devin's.

Then we went out and put our bread on the mound of snow in front of one of the feeders. Thanks to David for taking this picture.

The kids were excited. We all stood in front of the mudroom door and waited....and within a few minutes the birds were chowing down!

Speaking of chowing down....I made this "blizzard" cake today. A yummy coconut cake!

And when it's cold, what's better than snuggling with a friend?

Or two friends?


Becky said...

That picture with the bird feeder is amazing. Looking at how weighed down the tree is with snow.... not sure how to finish that sentence but it was a really neat picture.
I'm sure you're tired of being snowed in but you're doing some awesome stuff with your time off. That cake looks awesome! and the kids birdfeeder toast is a great idea!
Group naptime is always a great idea on a snow day!

Jennifer said...

You make snow days look FUN! You all have so much snow, its crazy! We are going crazy with the little bit we have (around 3 inches this time) they are calling for more snow here too... tomorrow makes snow day #3 this week, my kids actually WANT TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL! lol I'm trying to be positive too but its getting harder, lol.

Kelly or Alex said...

We are having snow withdrawal here. I have to get my fix on the news and from blogs. Thanks for the pics. It looks like the kids had a great time making feed for the birds. We don't feed birds on our farm. The cats think we are baiting up treats for them. Im glad that you guys are feeding them.

Deb said...

Katie- that is the sweetest post yet! I love the picture of David sleeping with the pups! I love that you taught your kids compassion for others with the special bird food! Speaking of sweet - that cake looks wonderful!!! I want some!!!! I think you just inspired me to make one! Thank you for a great post Katie! Love you, Momma

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