Monday, February 15, 2010

On the Needles

Every day since our fun knitting weekend, I've been haunted by the skeins and skeins of yarn we brought home. Up until last night, I'd been so intimidated by the gorgeous yarn that I haven't knitted anything! I'd been debating which yarn to use for which project, will it be a good enough project for the yarn? Will I want that yarn for something else later? Can I even knit that pattern?

Finally I just made myself pick a pattern and a yarn and cast on. I did last night, and I'm so glad! I get so caught up in the new stitches I'll have to learn, and I need to just realize it's ok to take it one step at a time!

This is the fingerless mitten pattern from One Skein Wonders: 101 Yarn Store Favorites. I'm using this gorgeous Paint Box yarn, which I believe came from my Aunt Linda. It's the Borealis color. Look at all the awesome colors it comes in!

I can't wait to see how they knit up. I'll enjoy relaxing and knitting today, because it's back to work for me tomorrow. I've enjoyed the time off for the blizzards, but eventually I have to get back to the real world. Did you know it's already halfway through February?! Where does the time go?


Jennifer said...

Oh I cant wait to see them finished! I was looking at some this weekend, wanting to make a pair (crocheted), maybe one day... I'm still working on my ripple afghan.

Deb said...

I love that you have that passion for a great hobby. It really makes life special. I love the colors that the yarn comes in! What a gift Linda gave you! Love you, Momma

Becky said...

I love that yarn! How pretty :) I'm so glad you powered through your yarn panic and got started on a project. It can be so intimidating, can't it? I'm always worried I'll "waste" a yarn on some project that isn't worthy of that yarn.

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