Friday, February 19, 2010

I've Got Presents!

My milking supply order came in this week! I'm so excited. I love buying myself presents!

I ordered from two separate places. I got the 6 qt. stainless pail and the teat dip cup (blue lid) from Hamby Dairy Supply. I ordered them on Monday (a holiday) and the order came on Wednesday! Talk about awesome service. These items were both much cheaper from Hamby's than from Hoegger, even with shipping. I try to save money whenever possible!

The remaining items were ordered from Hoegger Goat Supply. I also placed this order on Monday and the items arrived today. Still not bad! I got a colostrum supplement (just in case), a container of Dynamint Udder Cream, a very cool stainless steel strainer that fits mason jars, filters to fit the strainer, nice cheesecloth (for when I eventually make cheese), plastic screw on lids for mason jars so I don't have to mess with the 2 part metal lids. The only thing that was on backorder was the teat dip concentrate, which hopefully will come in soon.

Only about 2 weeks before June is due!! I'm so excited. I've been feeling her lower right side belly lately, and I can feel the baby(ies) moving! Very cool.


Jennifer said...

Thats so cool!

Deb said...

I love your idea of gifts! We aren't what you call traditionally high maintenance women! Feed stores and home improvement stores are our favorite! he he I love your supplies! I can't wait for June to have her babies! If a sheep 'lambs', then what do you call it when June drops her kids? Does she 'kid'?

Kelly or Alex said...

I know what you mean about buying yourself presents. It is so much fun. Do you use a teat spray to prevent mastitis? My goat people highly recommend it. I will have to get a catalog from Hamby. Hoegger is expensive. Can't wait to see the babies.

Kelly or Alex said...

Where did you find the lids for the mason jars? I have been looking around Bangor and can't find them here. Thanks

katiegirl said...

Hey Kelly, I found them at Hoeggers. They're around $5 for a box of 8. They have regular mouth lids and wide mouth lids. I'm going to check our local stores this spring and see if they have them too.

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