Tuesday, February 2, 2010

More Snow?

Since we're supposed to get some snow tonight (1-3"?) and possible snow this weekend (early predictions say it might be bad), I decided to do a few things "just in case."

I re-arranged the garagebarn so I could make a lambing pen/jug in case Purl decides to lamb this weekend. I don't *think* she will, but lots could change in just a few short days. And you know Murphy's Law...I wanted to be one step ahead of ol' Murphy.

So here's the pen. I'd rather there be no snow so she could lamb outside, but if it's freezing cold it will be nice to have them inside. Now, the tricky part will be getting her into the garagebarn* because she's the type to fall on her side and flail about. She's not halter broken like the favorite child, Darla. Poor Purl, always in the shadow.

Since the kennel was housing the Thanksgiving babies, they had to find a new home. I made this temporary one out of the portable fence. Hopefully they won't figure out they can hop over it like the adult chickens did.

Out of all 7 babies, this is the only one that stumped me in determining sex. I thought for sure it was a "she", now I'm thinking she's a he. We'll see!

Here's the gang. They sure are growing up. Soon they'll head out to the main coop, but for now they're fine where they are. They're surprisingly calm considering I don't spend a whole lot of time with them.

Ok, we're all set. Now we just wait and see what we're gonna get. Snow? Rain? Mix? Nothing? The suspense is killing me!

*It will now be called the garagebarn since it is both a garage and a barn. Calling it one or the other just didn't feel right.


Jennifer said...

Nice Job... Cute Nov. chickies.

Kelly or Alex said...

It looks like you are ready. It looks cozy in your garagebarn. We don't expect any lambs or kids to mid March and will be out in the barn getting the jugs ready very soon. Keep us updated with any new arrivals!

Becky said...

You are so funny, Kate :) Garagebarn is perfect! Wow, lambing pens are called jugs? That's kinda weird. Any idea how they got that name?

katiegirl said...

Not sure why they're called jugs! Typically they're not used for the actual lambing, just for letting the mom and baby(s) bond, but this is bigger than the typical jug (since it's a dog kennel) so she could lamb in there if it's too snowy/cold outside.

Deb said...

I love learning so many interesting facts from your site! Your Thanksgiving chicks are so pretty and healthy looking! You will have to see if the he/she lays an egg! I guess DNA testing may be a tad overkill? he he I am sorry for Purl but she just doesn't have that.....that.... je ne sais quoi that Darla has! he he Darla needs to visit her Nana sometime! She's just so darned cute!! Good luck with your weather. We are getting a little tired of ours now. It's been gorgeous but I want warmth! Love and hugs, Momma

Susan said...

Wow! I can't believe how grown up the Thaksgiving chicks are already! Good luck with the lambing - what an exciting time.

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