Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What a whacky day.

Today was one of those days where things just don't seem to go right. I was on my way to work, and almost there, when I spied an accident up ahead. I was pretty close to it, but couldn't see anything other than a tandem-trailer tractor trailer facing the wrong way off the side of the highway. Oops. It must have happened shortly before I got there, because they hadn't yet started diverting traffic and there were still rescue vehicles arriving.

My normal commute to work is an easy one. Not one stop sign or stop light. Seriously. The majority of my commute involves driving down a strip of highway (2 lanes in each direction, separated by a median). This highway is a major route of travel for a lot of tractor trailers, so it's not unusual to see an accident involving one. Traffic sat still for over an hour. I was frustrated because I thought about going in to work the other way, but decided on the usual route. AND, I'd left my book at home because I didn't think I'd get a chance to read it. Darn! I did wonder though, if I'd been on time and not 10 minutes late like I was, would I have seen it? Or worse, been in it? Who knows.

So, the finally ended up turning traffic around and we drove the wrong way on the highway to the next intersection, which of course was already jam packed from them diverting all of the highway traffic. I saw my coworker sitting in traffic (I'd sent her a text earlier to warn her of the accident). I called her and we both decided to go farther back up the highway and take back roads to avoid the traffic. I finally got to work about an hour and a half after I should have.

Once I sat down at my desk, I realized today we were supposed to send in the snack for Kylee's preschool class. CRAP! They don't have snack until the afternoon, but I didn't want the teacher to worry there wouldn't be a snack, so I told my coworkers I'd be back and left to go to the grocery store. I got a box of Wheatables crackers (with whole wheat) and a bag of grapes. That's a big decision, you know. If I send in a healthy snack, would they like it? Would the teachers think "oh, this parent is strict and never lets kids have anything good". If I sent in a "yummy" sweet snack, would the teachers think we didn't care about health? Geeze Louise!

I finally left the school (which is much closer to home than it is to work) and thought, you know, I might as well just stay home now! So I did. And the farm next to us is spreading chicken litter on his fields. Ew. It smells just awful. It makes cow manure smell like perfume. Hopefully it'll fade in a day or two.

Oh yeah, and I had my camera with me this morning, so I snapped some pictures of traffic and the accident, but the camera is at work. On my desk. I also took a few garden pictures last night, but I can't show you. And the wedding pictures from the weekend are also in the camera. So, I have one picture to show you.


These two are regulars around here now. I think I forgot to mention that our other guinea, Waldo, is no longer with us. One day one of our friends mentioned seeing a dead chicken on the side of the road near our house, but I knew it had to be him because he didn't show up for breakfast that morning. I went out to see, and sure enough, it was him. He'd been dragged off into the woods. Not sure if he got hit, or if something happened to get him by the road. Poor guy.

The other two are much tamer than he was, and they hang out with the chickens. Every now and then something will spook them and they'll dart, wings up, across the yard to safety. They're very goofy birds. I need names for them! Any suggestions? The bigger of the two is a male, and the violet one is a female. They don't roost in the coop at night. I wish I could catch them and put them in there, but they're just way too fast and flighty.

Hopefully tomorrow will be more normal so I can share my other pictures with you.


Becky said...

Man, Kate, what a crazy day! I'm glad you were running late today so you avoided that accident. Waiting in traffic for an hour is no fun though.
Good choice with the snack for preschool. I know just what you mean about having to decide between healthy/kid friendly and yummy.
You could name the guineas Carmen and San Diego. Then you could say, "Where in the world is Carmen and San Diego?" LOL

katiegirl said...

Love it, Beck! Carmen and San Diego it is!! LOL!

Becky said...

Yay!!! They better stick around so I can meet them in November :)

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