Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mammoth and Other Pictures

Meet Mammoth. He's a yearling Oberhasli buck. He hitched a ride back with us from North Carolina this past weekend. Oberhaslis aren't that common around here, so I managed to find one that was close to my sister's house. He was about an hour away, but just off the highway we take to get home. What luck!

Yesterday I dropped him off at the breeder's house so he can breed my doe and one or two of hers. He'll most likely stay there for about a month. I'm not sure if I'm going to keep him after that, or if I'll sell him.

And it's finally fall! I love fall! I've always wanted to decorate with a bunch of gourds, but to be honest with you, I haven't wanted to spend the money, because gourds aren't that cheap.

This year, I got all of the gourds (minus the birdhouse gourd, which Mom grew) from my garden! There are still lots more, but they're not quite ready to be picked. Yay fall!

And I noticed some very cool looking clouds over the house when I was in the garden, so I got some pictures. These are all straight out of the camera!

The clouds actually look a little darker in this picture than they really were. We didn't get any rain or anything!

I love my house!


Becky said...

Mammoth is so cute! Not quite a huge goat like I expected from the name though :)
Your gourds are great! Thanks for mine! I love that fall with the hay bale. :)
Those clouds are fantastic! Great pics! Your house is the cutest!

katiegirl said...

Thanks Beck! Yeah, Mammoth doesn't quite live up to his name. :-)

Kelly or Alex said...

Mammoth is a very handsome gent. I love the Oberhalsi goats. You're right, there aren't many around. I was looking for some but am happy with my Alpine Nubian cross girls.

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