Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunday Updates

This morning I woke up before everyone else. I always wake up before David, but most times the kids are awake when I get up. I managed to quietly go outside this morning without waking the kids, so I used the time to snap some pictures.

The sheep are settling in nicely. Clarabell is a very nice ewe. She loves to get scratched and petted, and will paw at you if you stop petting her. Calvin is also nice, but he's a ram, so he gets a little cocky sometimes.

They really enjoy attention, so every time they see someone they come to the fence to see what's going on.

The chickens are finally using the new nesting boxes. There are still a few hens that don't use them, but I think in time they will. I think I've finally figured out which hen is pecking the eggs. Sorry to say that when the broilers get processed, she'll likely be with them. I don't like losing eggs to the chickens, and I don't want her to teach others to do the same.

This is one of the hens I raised from a chick this spring. She lays some HUGE eggs.

I harvested the garden this morning and managed to find a few squashes, cukes, and lots more tomatoes. I'm also happy to report that my swiss chard has made a comeback. I picked quite a bit of it and tied it into bunches to try to sell at my stand. It looked beautiful....

Unfortunately, and hour later it was wilted. Guess it's too fragile to sell like that.

My baby squash plants are growing fairly well.

And so is the second crop of green beans. Hopefully they'll have time to produce before it gets too cold out.

I'm loving all the gourds! There's still so much greenery that I can't see much of the crop, but what I can find looks great!

And how did a rock manage to get on this Turk's Turban? Peculiar.

They're just so pretty and remind me of fall. I can't wait for fall!

My lima beans are starting to produce, and there are still a ton of blossoms. Hopefully I'll get a good crop!

I did manage to find this one odd pumpkin. I can't remember planting anything that is supposed to look like this.

The bees are enjoying the sunflowers.

This poor fellow lost a back leg.

I have a ton of work to do in the garden. Stuff that's dyding off needs to be pulled out. I need to figure out what to plant next. I'm avoiding it like the plague. Maybe today and tomorrow I can get out there and just get it done. Maybe I can enlist David's help. Honey, if you're reading this....*hint hint*!


Becky said...

I want to visit so badly! Your little farm is so productive! What pretty nesting boxes! I don't blame you for wanting to process that hen that eats the eggs. That's not a good habit to teach the others.
Veggies look great! Swiss chard likes to be kept cool after it's picked, I've found. Maybe a cooler with ice near the table?? I'm glad it made a come back for you!
Your gourds are awesome!!!!
Good luck enlisting David to help. I need Jon's help later too. Maybe we can bribe them with a yummy dinner??

Linda said...

Mmmm, butter beans.

How do you cook your chard?

katiegirl said...


I normally saute it with a little bit of water or butter in the bottom of the pan. I cook it until it's wilted and the stems are tender, but I try not to over cook it. I add salt and pepper and eat it like that. It's good! I've also heard of people putting vinegar in it, but I've never tried that.

Becky said...

Aunt Katie, juhdaeii (I love you, Good bye) Love, Charlotte

I have cooked Swiss Chard by first sauteing (sp?) onions and bacon. Then adding the swiss chard and cooking until tender. I add some salt, butter, and then top it with parm.cheese. Yum!!

Patrick said...

I love the picture of the sunflower. You should enter that in the fair next year!

debajohnson said...

great garden pics Katie! Love your farmer Pics too! I am tickled your chickens are laying!! Love you, Momma

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