Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Garden

Here's a picture of David, Devin, and Kylee at the wedding. It was a John Deere themed wedding, so Devin is wearing a John Deere T-shirt and Kylee's dress has little John Deere iron-on logos on the pockets.

About a week and a half ago I planted some fall things in the garden. These two rows are kale (front left), radish (back left), spinach (front right), and turnips (back right). At least I think so. I know where the kale and spinach is, but I can't remember which was actually the turnips and which was the radish. I guess I'll know when they start developing!

The kale is doing pretty well. I love kale. I just planted another long row of it two nights ago. One of my favorite soups (that recipe is similar to the one I use, but slightly different) has kale in it also, so I guess I'll be making lots of that!

Radish...or turnips?

Turnips? or radishes?


I planted these green beans a while ago. It's been cool lately, so they aren't growing as much as I'd hoped. I'm really hoping I'll get one harvest before the frost.

Here are two squash plants. Can you find them between all the weeds?

I think I'll fertilize everything tonight, so hopefully they'll get a little boost and grow some more.

Oh, my wildflowers are making a come back. I lost the cosmos, but the poppies, alysum, and a few other things are doing fine.

My gourds are doing well. There are a few vines that were planted later than the others...they've still got the cute little baby gourds!!

1 comment:

Becky said...

Gotta love a John Deere tractor wedding. LOL :) They look great :)
The garden looks a lot like mine with all the babies all around. You'll have kale out the wazoo! LOL Isn't it exciting to go out and check for sprouting plants.
You'll have to let me know how you like turnips. I've never tried them.

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