Sunday, September 20, 2009

Busy Saturday

We went to a wedding yesterday. David was a groomsman, Devin was the ring bearer, and Kylee was the flower girl. They were pretty busy during the ceremony, but I got to sit back and just watch it, which is always less stressful!

I volunteered to set up the food for the reception so the newlyweds wouldn't have to worry about it. After the ceremony was over, I rushed back to the reception hall to get things ready. David's dad and brother came along to help!

We set out appetizers and lit candles. Then once it was time, we put out the different foods for dinner. I had a blast! It was so much fun to be back in the kitchen working to get everything out. I would check and refill items as they were eaten, refill ice, make sure there was silverware. It was so nice to work in a huge kitchen with just about anything I needed.

Once everyone went through the line and got their food, we went out and got ourselves some food. We sat in the kitchen and ate because, well, I don't know why. We could have gone out and sat with the rest of the guests, but it was more fun back there. :) Plus, David, Kylee, and Devin were at the head table anyways.

David came back and sat with us for a bit. Can you see his expression? The man hates having his picture taken.

Here's one he got of me. Like the camera angle? It looks like I have something in my mouth.

David's dad had a lot of fun too. Maybe we should open a catering business? I told him it'd be fun to open one with my mom and sister. We could call it "Three Crazy Ladies Catering." How fun would that be??

After the reception, we decided to go to a family gathering. One of David's mom's sisters moved back to Maryland, so they were having a get-together. I hadn't met most of David's mom's side of the family. Actually, I think I had only met 1 brother before last night. David's uncles are very musically inclined. They often get together and play bluegrass. Last night, two of David's uncles and a cousin were playing for everyone. We all just sat around in a room of his uncle's house and listened to them play. It was great! I even got up and sang Walkin' After Midnight, but only because David insisted. I actually wasn't nervous at all!

They said they get together about 2-3 times a month and play, so I hope to go back soon! I wonder if I can sneak some video of their playing..... We didn't end up leaving there until around 11:00pm, and didn't get home until 11:45. The kids were wiped out and fell asleep a few minutes into our ride home. Luckily, we all slept in this morning!


Becky said...

Wow, you were busy! You should take a video of yourself singing with the bluegrass band!!! You have such a great voice and I can't believe you're not even nervous to get up infront of people :) As far as the "Three Crazy Ladies"... love the name but I think catering would be super-duper stressful. I can't handle any bridezillas. LOL I have enough trouble with Toddler-zillas around here!
Do you have any pictures of the kids dressed up for the wedding? :)

katiegirl said...

I have some pictures of them, but not close up because we were running behind schedule a little. I'll post some tonight!

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