Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I finally finished planting the garden today. I spent a few hours out there. There was an area that we hadn't planted yet and it got kinda weedy, so David tilled it last night. I planted three more rows of stuff in that spot. I also planted the other half of the corn section. Hopefully the corn will still have enough time to produce this year. I think it'll be okay. So here's the breakdown of what we have out there:

-4 long rows of corn
-1 row of yellow wax beans
-1 row of green stringbeans
-1 row of regular cucumbers
-1 row of pickling cucumbers
-1 row of green, yellow, and white squash
-1 row of 2 varieties of winter squash
-2 rows of assorted gourds (dipper, swan, loofah, little mini decorative, turban squash)
-4 pepper plants (bell, some variety I can't remember, and jalepeno)
-approx 25 tomatoes (Rutger, Celebrity, and Roma)
-1 row of swiss chard

I also got everything weeded. I was a little nervous about the layout of the garden this year...not having raised beds. I have to say I really like it! It makes using the stirrup hoe pretty easy. After using the stirrup hoe, I'd never want to garden without it! I also planted some flowers in the garden. There are sunflowers and cosmos in front of the corn, and I threw a bunch of different flower seeds in small patch of empty garden near the tomatoes. I'll probably plant some marigolds and some other flowers in a day or two. I tend to get a little bored with planting sometimes....I can only handle so much at time. :-) Now hopefully we'll get some hot weather. It's been fairly cold and rainy this garden season so far. Everything is slow growing!




I found my next project. The flowerbed has been neglected and wire grass is taking over! Wire grass is the worst weed. It's hard to pull out and it seems you can never get it all out because those sneaky little rhizomes. Ugh. See all the little sunflowers in the front there? They were an accident. One of the birdfeeders spilled in the back of the truck when I was moving them. I swept out the mulch that was in there and ended up planing all of the spilled seeds. Oops! I like them though. Should be pretty when they bloom (which should be soon!).

Totally random- I've had this song stuck in my head for a while! I didn't used to like Taylor Swift, but I do now. The song reminds me of being in high school, and I think the video is cute. :-) And this song of hers makes me cry. :-) It's really sweet. Sometimes I wish I was 5 again. *sigh*


Becky said...

Your garden is doing really well :) Everything has grown so much since I saw it last.
I love the surprise sunflowers :) That'll make a pretty border.
I like Taylor Swift a bit too. I've seen her in interviews and she seems like a normal, swift teenager... not a "ho" like so many of them. LOL

Becky said...

Okay, I just listened to both songs of hers... I hadn't heard either before. The first one is cute and I wish all highschool crushed ended so sweetly :)
The second is so sweet and it made me cry. I bet she's so normal because she has a great mom. It looks like they're really close.

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