Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Summer Storms

I remember thunderstorms when I was younger. We'd all be out in the yard doing something...working in the garden, playing with the animals, doing whatever. The wind would pick up and it always seemed the storms came from out of nowhere! We would all scurry around and frantically clean up...putting garden tools away, securing the lawn chairs. We'd rush inside at the last second and then the sky would open up! I always thought it was exciting...and a little scary. The sky is so big here that we always have a good bit of warning when trouble is brewing. This storm took its sweet time this afternoon. The kids were playing in their little pool and I was unloading stuff we'd moved on the trailer from the old house. Finally it got close and we all went inside.

I love the clouds. They always look so scary and menacing.

This is the house across the street.

And then.....calm. The sunset was worth every rain drop and thunder clap!


Becky said...

Katherine!!!! Those are some gorgeous pictures!!! Wow! Your sky is so big there! :)

Linda said...

Great pictures! I love thunderstorms too. Love the smell of the air before it actually hits.

Patrick said...

Katie those pictures are so great. They are just what I needed after the bad day I have had!

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